Why Has She Not Answered My Message?

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Why Has She Not Answered My Message?Because she is not interested in you. Seriously, she just isn’t.

Perhaps you felt that there was a connection there. The both of you may have even been on a few dates that went really well and left you feeling hopeful.

Just because you were feeling some chemistry between the both of you doesn’t mean that she was feeling the same.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by what we want so badly to happen.

When we feel an intense connection with someone, we may forget that a connection is a two way street.

The other person has to feel the same for this to truly work.

However, we deceive ourselves.

We keep telling ourselves that the connection must be there for both parties because it just seems so strong.

They must be feeling the same way you do.

This feeling is simply too intense for it to be coming from your end alone.

However, the truth is, this is only how you are feeling.

You have no idea what the other person is experiencing.

Yes, it may look like they are having a really good time.

The conversation may be flowing at a very fluid pace.

Everything may be pointing in the direction of true chemistry.

This being said, it doesn’t guarantee that there is said chemistry.

This person may have the outward appearance of enjoyment but may be internally distant.

They are not feeling a romantic connection.

They are going along with all of this because they are trying to be decent but they already know that no romance is going to come out of this.

If she hasn’t answered your message and it has been a few days or more, she is not interested.

She has had some time to think about you.

She knows that she doesn’t feel a connection.

Unfortunately, she may not have told you this.

She may have given you the impression that there was something more.

She just didn’t want to have that kind of discussion with you.

She didn’t want to tell you face to face that she has no interest.

It is a lot easier for her to simply ignore your message and hope that you take a hint.

The question is, will you?

Some guys simply don’t take the hint.

They get so wrapped up in how much they like the girl, they continue to message the girl endlessly.

All this does is force the girl to become even more resolute in not answering your message.

You make her feel like she made the right decision because you seem to be way too desperate.

Messaging her over and over in the hopes of getting a response will only make you look worse in her eyes.

You should get the non-verbal message that she has sent you.

She isn’t interested and wants to move on without you in the picture.

You should be secure enough to accept this and move on with your own life.

Clearly, she didn’t believe that the both of you were compatible.

You can’t force her to feel something that she doesn’t.

You shouldn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you.

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