Does She Like Me?

Does She Like Me?

A girl who likes you, makes eye contact with you.

A shy girl quickly looks away when you establish eye contact with her.

Catching a girl, whether she is confident or shy, looking at you again and again, is how she confirms she likes you.

She takes out the time to get to know your friends.

Showing a keenness to be friendly with them, but not so much you.

Not knowing where you stand as far as whether you like her too, she doesn’t want to make the wrong assumptions about whether you like her or not in making a direct move on you.

Instead, she is friendly with your friends in the hopes that she catches your eye and you initiate conversation with her.

She figures that when you see her with your friends or hear your friends talk about her, you are curious about her.

That curiosity hopefully leads to you coming to her.

Rather than saying something that turns you off, she waits for you to make your move and initiate conversation.

This is safer for her.

In doing this, she doesn’t have to worry about making the wrong assumptions about whether you like her or not, she has you lead.

She hopes that through conversation that you initiate with her, she gains further insight into whether you like her or not.

A girl who likes you makes herself available to you, despite any other plans she had beforehand.

Her availability to talk to you or hang out with you is never in question.

You get a hold of her without having to jump through hoops.

Cancelling her prior plans to accommodate you is done without a moment’s hesitation.

Courting her is effortless, as she never lets you have to fret over why she hasn’t responded to your text messages for hours or days, or why she keeps cancelling or ghosting you on dates.

When it comes to body language, a girl who likes you touches you from time to time.

As you talk to her, she lightly touches your arm, thigh, back, shoulder, neck, face, etc.

She lingers briefly before releasing the touch.

These are the moments where she is conveying her comfort level with you.

The touch is indicative of how safe she feels around you and her desire to establish a physical connection.

At first, it’s subtle.

A brief touch and release from time to time, here and there.

She is slowly experiencing increasing comfort and safety around you.

As her comfort level and safety around you grows, it’s less subtle.

Her touch is lasting longer and she is looking right into your eyes as she does it.

This is where she is putting in the work to send a clear message to you that she likes you and hopes you get the message.

She doesn’t hold back when it comes to praising you or exaggerating her praise.

Whether you scored an A or C on a test, she praises you no differently.

Whether she likes your bold choices in clothes or not, she praises your style.

Whether you are a good ball player or lousy, she praises your talents.

Any excuse to praise you is taken up by her with enthusiasm.

A girl has a habit of testing the waters when she likes a guy.

Most girls don’t want to be straight up in letting a guy know she likes him, out of fear that he doesn’t feel likewise.

So, to test to see how he feels about her, she ups the attraction factor.

She applies better makeup and has it on when he is around.

Wanting to look her best to get his attention, she gets back into the gym to lose those extra pounds or tone up.

She shows off her changing body by wearing sexier outfits around him.

Never overthink whether a girl likes you or not.

Most guys miss subtle hints of romantic interest a girl sends them.

A guy who keeps waiting for clear romantic signals from girl loses out on her too frequently.

Make your move, even when you aren’t wholly certain she likes you or not.

Better to make a move and find out for sure, than sit around praying she gives you a clear sign of romantic interest.

That wait leads to a loss of interest on her part, and soon, you see her walking with her new boyfriend.

This was the guy who wasn’t waiting around for a clear sign of romantic interest, he made his move anyway.


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