Does She Like Me?

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Does She Like Me?

She will often try to make eye contact with you when she likes you.

If she is a shy girl, she may quickly look away when you establish eye contact.

However, if you catch her looking your way soon after that, there is a very strong chance that she likes you.

She likes you when she takes out the time to get to know your friends.

She may talk to all of them except you.

She is typically doing this because she is nervous and doesn’t want to say the wrong thing.

You may even try to look at her from time to time and catch her eye.

However, she hasn’t made an attempt to talk to you yet.

She may be waiting and hoping that you take the initiative to talk to her.

Again, she may be comfortable talking to your friends but not you because she doesn’t want to say the wrong thing that may turn you off.

She may also be doing this so that you notice her and perhaps give her some of your attention.

She likes you when she makes time to hang out with you.

If you know this girl and you have hung out with her in the past, you should take note of how often she is willing to do this.

Have you noticed that she has hung out with you in the past even when she had other plans?

In other words, she cancelled her plans just so that she could hang out with you.

This is typically a very strong sign that she likes you.

She likes you when she tries to touch you in some way.

She may brush against you from time to time or even directly touch your arm, thigh or back.

These are moments when she is trying to establish a physical connection with you.

When she touches you, she is trying to convey the sense of ease and comfort that she has when you are around.

If you notice that she touches you often in this way and may even try to look right into your eyes as she does, there is a good chance she likes you.

She likes you when she praises you and may even exaggerate that praise.

You may notice that she praises something that you said or did.

She may take it to the next level and make it more than what it is.

She may exaggerate the fact that you are a really good ball player when in fact you may be mediocre or the fact that you are very funny when in fact your jokes are lukewarm.

In essence, you will notice her making you out to be more than what you truly are through exaggerated praise.

This is typically a very strong sign that she likes you.

She likes you when she does what she can to appear more attractive.

You may see her wearing better outfits or putting on more make up.

She does all of this when she knows that she is going to be around you.

She takes extra care in her appearance just so that she can get your stare or attention.

By getting your attention, she may even try to give you more body language signals so that you are aware that she likes you.

Her goal would be to get you to understand where she is coming from and how she feels.

She hopes that the feeling will be mutual.

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