I Am Dating One Of My Best Friends

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I Am Dating One Of My Best FriendsYou may be nervous about dating one of your best friends. You may be worried about how things are going to go.

How will your relationship work now that it is a romance? What would happen to your friendship if you were to break up? Would you be able to still maintain a real friendship after the fact?

What you need to do is relax.

If you are dating one of your best friends, you already have an idea of the kind of person you are dealing with.

You knew them as a best friend before you became romantic partners.

Now, you simply have to accept that and try to look at this relationship as simply the next level.

When you get so worried about dating one of your best friends, you may unwittingly jeopardize the relationship.

You may put too much pressure on it.

You may misinterpret what was said by your partner.

You may act in a way that makes your partner feel like you are uncomfortable being with them.

To give this relationship a good chance at working, you should still look at this person as one of your best friends.

They still are.

They still have that history and special connection with you.

They are still going to know more about you than most other people besides your family.

This person is still one of your best friends.

They just happen to be your romantic partner as well.

You should try to understand that the best relationships tend to come out of friendships.

These are the relationships that stand the test of time because there is a history between both partners.

When you use your friendship with this person as a positive and not a negative in your romance, it bodes well for the durability and health of the relationship.

Try not to put unrealistic expectations on the relationship.

Why would you expect this person to suddenly change when you have known who they truly are for a while?

You know what this person is like.

You already know what they tend to like or dislike.

You know how they look at the world and feel about it.

This is the same person that you have always known.

The mistake that so many people make when they start dating a best friend is expect their friend to change due to a new dynamic in the relationship.

On the contrary, you should want your best friend who has now become your romantic partner to be who they truly are and have always been.

This is the person you have spent all this time knowing and developing a bond with prior to this romance.

This is the same person you should want to be dealing with.

Getting into a romance should not mean that the both of you change.

You have taken your friendship to another level but you are still best friends.

When you understand this, you will have a much easier time with this transition.

People keep making the mistake of looking at their connection with their best friend differently just because they have gotten into a romantic relationship with them.

This is what typically puts pressure on the romance and forces both partners to feel like they should act differently in some way just because they are now romantically involved.

You are still best friends regardless of your romance.

Treat that with respect and you will have the best chance at making this romance work.

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