Should You Date Someone Who Is Bad With Their Money?

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Should You Date Someone Who Is Bad With Their Money?

If they are bad with their money, they may be careless in other areas as well. They may lack responsibility.

This is a problem.

A person that lacks responsibility doesn’t really consider the ramifications of their actions or lack there of.

They would not really think things through when they make a purchase that they obviously can’t afford by using credit.

They would not think about the impact that this may have in the relationship because they simply don’t intellectualize and rationalize the way a responsible adult would.

This often means that they may be immature and irrational in other aspects of their lives.

People like this can be quite selfish.

When they make purchases they can’t truly afford or wantonly spend the money that you have worked so hard for, they are thinking about themselves.

It is all about what makes them feel good at the moment.

There is no consideration of what they are doing and how it could affect their partner.

They are about the here and now.

A healthy relationship cannot be built merely on the here and now.

It has to be viable enough to survive into the future.

If this person is bad with their money now, they are not thinking about the future of this relationship.

They are not allowing themselves to consider the fact that money is required to keep the lights on. Money is required to pay the bills.

Many relationships end due to financial reasons.

It can be very hard to keep loving someone that just spent last month’s rent money on a new motorbike or Gucci purse without even telling you.

You have to be able to think this through and try to look into the future.

This requires you to put aside all the loving feelings that you may have for this person and simply look at the reality of the situation.

No matter how much you love this person now, how much do you truly think you can handle?

How willing do you think you will be to continue covering for this person as they continue to put you and the relationship in a financial bind?

How much of this kind of stress do you think you can handle before you completely break?

You will break.

At some point, if your partner doesn’t get better with money, you will break. It is inevitable.

Do you want to go through all this hassle only to reach your breaking point?

Even though this person is bad with their own money, it will still affect your money at some point.

You will find yourself reaching periods in the relationship where you may have to help them pay a bill because they have no money.

You may find yourself having to pay for all the dates you go on because they have run out of money.

You may have to lend them money often because they need to get something fixed in their house or in their car.

You may even have to start giving them rides everywhere if they have lost their car due to nonpayment of their loan or a lack of maintenance.

This will affect you too financially.

It will affect your own finances.

If you are a financially responsible person, it is best that you don’t date someone who is bad with their money.

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