Should You Date Someone Who Is Bad With Their Money?

Should You Date Someone Who Is Bad With Their Money?

When someone is bad with their money, they are careless in other areas, lacking responsibility.

A person that lacks responsibility doesn’t consider the ramifications of their actions or lack there of.

They don’t think things through when they make a purchase that they obviously can’t afford, whether it be by credit or with their latest paycheck.

The impact that this has in the relationship is lost to them, as they don’t rationalize like a responsible adult does.

This means that they are immature and irrational in other aspects of their lives.

People like this are self-centered.

When they make purchases they can’t afford or wantonly spend the money that you have worked so hard for, they are thinking about their immediate pleasure.

It is about what makes them feel good at the moment.

There is no consideration of what they are doing and how it affects their partner.

They are about the here and now.

A healthy relationship isn’t built merely on the here and now.

It has to be viable enough to survive into the future.

When someone is bad with their money, they are not thinking about the future of this relationship.

They aren’t considering that money is required to keep the lights on.

Money is required to pay the bills.

Many relationships end due to financial reasons.

It is hard to keep loving someone that just spent last month’s rent money on a new motorbike or Gucci purse without telling you.

You have to think this through and look into the future.

This requires you to put aside the loving feelings you have for this person and look at the reality of the situation.

No matter how much you love this person, how much of this behavior is tolerable?

How ready are you to cover for this person as they put you and the relationship in a financial bind?

How much of this stress is tolerable before completely breaking?

In due course, when your partner doesn’t get better with money, you break.

It is inevitable.

Do you want to go through this hassle, only to reach your inevitable breaking point?

Dating someone who is bad with their own money affects your money too.

You reach periods in the relationship where you have to help them pay a bill, as they have blown last month’s paycheck.

Paying for the dates you go on is now your sole burden.

Lending them money to fix their car, motorbike or laptop is commonplace.

Giving them rides everywhere when they have lost their car due to nonpayment of their loan or a lack of maintenance, is an everyday occurrence.

Someone who is bad with money affects you too.

Your own finances suffer.

As a financially responsible person, don’t date someone who is bad with their money.

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