Should You Date Someone Who Is Anti-theist?

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Should You Date Someone Who Is Anti-theist?

You really should figure out what is important to you and what you can tolerate.

If there is a respect and mutual understanding between the both of you that is open to opposing views, you can date this anti-theist if you so choose.

The understanding is crucial for this to work.

Some people get into relationships with others that they know they simply aren’t morally compatible with hoping that somehow things will work out.

If there is a grave disagreement on this aspect of your relationship with this person, you may want to reconsider dating them.

Someone who is against organized religion or the belief in a deity tends to be very impassioned about their viewpoint.

A person like this didn’t come to this conclusion lightly.

Since the majority of us grow up in a religious society of some sort, this person was probably raised on religion.

This person has now come to the conclusion that they can’t believe in any kind of organized religion.

Again, this normally means that there was probably an impassioned period of searching or trying to make sense of their world before they eventually came to this decision.

Hence, someone who is anti-theist has usually come to this point after a period of reflection, introspection and study.

You would need to understand that the likelihood of this person changing their viewpoint in the future would be very slim.

If you were to date an anti-theist, you would have to accept them as who they are.

You would have to respect their beliefs and also be okay with letting your friends and family know about this.

Yes, at some point in time, your friends and family will want to know about his religious beliefs.

At some point in time, they will find out what he represents.

Is this something that you can handle?

Are you prepared to honor and defend his viewpoint to some doubtful friends and family?

Are you prepared to take some possible ridicule from people you know who may not agree with the viewpoints of this anti-theist?

These are all very important questions that you have to ask yourself.

It is not only about how willing you might be to accept this anti-theist into your life, it is also about how prepared you need to be for whatever objections may come your way from people outside of your relationship.

Again, you need to have a mutual level of respect and understanding for this to work.

If the both of you were to date, the anti-theist must also respect the fact that you also have beliefs that may be completely contrary to their own.

They must be willing to hear you out and respect your viewpoint on a particular topic even when it contrasts with their own.

You may both have completely opposing views about an issue based on your beliefs.

These moments would have to be approached with care and a willingness on both your parts to equally consider both opposing viewpoints.

At these moments you may have to agree to disagree.

However, you must be ready to always move forward from there and not allow said disagreement to affect your relationship in a profound way.

These are all issues you must consider before making a decision on whether you should date this anti-theist.

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