My Ex-Girlfriend Won’t Leave Me Alone

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My Ex-Girlfriend Won't Leave Me Alone

She may feel like she never truly got the closure she needed.

Girls really like to have closure when a past relationship ends and just moving on without it can be very difficult.

If you never ended the relationship in a definitive way, your ex-girlfriend may feel like there is something left to fight for in the relationship.

Did you truly end the relationship or did you simply leave it hanging?

This may be one reason why your ex-girlfriend won’t leave you alone.

Without a sense of closure, she may either not want to let the relationship go or she may want you to end it decisively so that she can move on.

Another reason why your ex-girlfriend won’t leave you alone may be because she is trying to win you back.

She may believe that by constantly trying to communicate with you, she is showing you just how much she cares and wants this relationship to happen again.

She may truly believe that this is what is best for the both of you.

She may believe so strongly in the hope for your relationship that it blinds her to the fact that as far as you are concerned, the relationship is over.

Your ex-girlfriend may also be jealous.

If you have recently started another relationship or you are currently talking to someone else, your ex-girlfriend may see this as competition she has to counter.

She doesn’t want to lose you to someone else so soon because she believes that she would be a better match for you.

Jealousy can be a very powerful motivator.

She may not want to see you on social media with this new person.

She may not want to see you in real life interacting with this new girl.

It would make her feel like something that is rightfully hers has been taken away from her.

Hence, she uses this jealous or envious emotion to spur her into action.

What you have to understand here is that your ex-girlfriend is in a totally different mode of thinking than you are.

In your mind, you may believe that the relationship is over.

You believe that it is time for both parties to move on with their lives.

However, in your ex-girlfriend’s mind, things are a lot different.

In her mind, she may still be dating you.

She still remembers your relationship.

She still takes solace in how good that relationship made her feel.

As far as she is concerned, you are simply making a mistake that she has to enlighten you about.

Again, both of your minds may be in completely different modes.

You are of the notion that it is time to move on and she is of the notion that the relationship is still viable.

You should talk to her and let her know that the relationship is over in no uncertain terms.

Even if you had this discussion prior to the break up, you should have it again.

You need to be firm and ensure that you leave no hope for the relationship to be saved.

She may still hold on to it for a while even after this discussion.

However, in time, as long as you don’t give her any hope through your actions, she will get the point and leave you be.

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