Girlfriend Doesn’t Text As Much Anymore. Are We Past The Honeymoon Phase? Now What?

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Girlfriend Doesn't Text As Much Anymore. Are We Past The Honeymoon Phase? Now What?

You aren’t necessarily past the honeymoon phase.

However, you should also diligently assess how you have been behaving during this time.

Were you texting her just as frequently as she was texting you?

Were you making a real effort to maintain a consistent level of communication with her?

Did you take a lot of initiative in interacting with her without her always having to be the one to initiate?

Were you affectionate in your interaction and did you always show genuine interest?

These are all very important questions that you have to ask yourself.

It isn’t always about what is so apparent.

Sometimes there are reasons why something is happening that requires us to look beyond what is presented in front of us.

If you have noticed that your girlfriend isn’t texting you as much anymore, it may have less to do with the honeymoon phase being over and more to do with the fact that she may feel like your interactions have been lackluster at best.

A girl still wants to be mentally stimulated when she is in a relationship.

A big mistake that a lot of guys make when they get into relationships is to believe that their job is done.

Instead of maintaining interesting conversation, they continue talking about the same things over and over.

They make no real attempt to stimulate their girlfriend’s mind by telling her funny stories and giving her interesting feedback about her interests.

These guys simply become complacent. When they become complacent, the relationship starts getting old.

Even if you have only been in an exclusive relationship for a short period of time, it will feel like it has been forever.

Is this you?

Have you put your foot off the gas in your relationship simply because you have the girl?

If this is what you have been doing, this may be the reason why your girlfriend doesn’t text you as much anymore.

Understand that girls absolutely love to communicate with guys they are dating.

Girls are very social creatures by nature when they are around people that they are comfortable with.

You shouldn’t just assume that just because the both of you are in a relationship, she would want anything less than stimulating and exciting conversation.

She still wants to laugh and marvel.

She still wants to hear you tell her that you love her.

She still wants to hear you talk about your dreams and listen to hers.

She still wants you to take her on new adventures that the both of you can talk about later on text.

She still wants to hear you tell her about what’s new in your life and what you are thinking.

There is so much that still needs to be said.

If she believes that you have taken the relationship for granted and you are simply not trying anymore, it will be a lot easier for her to text you less.

You should have an honest conversation with her about what is going on.

If she is planning on leaving you, it is important to find out now.

If she isn’t, hear her out on what she has to say.

You may discover that she really wants more stimulated engagement from you.

At this point, you will have to take measures to ensure that you keep things fresh and keep her stimulated.

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2 thoughts on “Girlfriend Doesn’t Text As Much Anymore. Are We Past The Honeymoon Phase? Now What?”

  1. When your girlfriend doesn’t text you as much anymore, 90% of the time it’s because she has interest in someone else. This has happened to me in both a 7 month and 4 month relationship, only to find out she was talking to someone else. I have also had 2 friends that went through this. Another big red flag to watch out for is when it also takes her a while to respond to your texts. She used to get back to you within a few minutes and now it’s an hour or longer. My advice is to call her out on it immediately. Don’t waste your time on someone who is wasting yours. A lot of women will see if the new guy is something that’ll work out before giving you the boot. Just end it, because the next one is right around the corner and could be “the one”.

  2. Hi John,

    If indeed she has interest in someone else, then as you stated, you shouldn’t waste your time on her.

    However, it is also important that you always assess how you have been behaving with her as well. She may be responding to something that you have been doing by not texting you as much anymore.

    Hence, it is always best to assess this from a number of different angles before making a judgment that she isn’t texting as much anymore simply because she has interest in someone else.

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