My Girlfriend Has Self-Esteem Issues. How Can I Help Her Understand That She Shouldn’t Feel That Way?

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My Girlfriend Has Self-Esteem Issues. How Can I Help Her Understand That She Shouldn't Feel That Way?

You can let her know about the qualities that make her special to you.

She is your girlfriend and there must be qualities that you love about her.

Let her know what those are. Remind her of them.

Be very consistent in doing this.

As human beings, we tend to have short memories when it comes to remembering important details about ourselves that could help us with our sense of self-esteem.

We tend to do this because we simply don’t want to acknowledge that those qualities may be real.

You can really help her to understand that these qualities are indeed real by constantly reminding her about them.

Now, simply telling her about her positive qualities isn’t going to be enough to help her with her self-esteem issues.

You also have to start trying to build up her self-esteem by encouraging her to perform some challenges with you.

A very effective way to build up someone’s self-esteem is to help them accomplish a particular challenge.

You could do it through exercise, exploration, academics, etc.

The key here is to give her a challenge that you know she would be passionate about and be there to support her all the way.

For example, if she tends to tell you about how much she would like to know how to perform a particular kind of dance, encourage her to take dance classes.

Let her know that you are also going to be there to take the same classes in order to support her.

If she tends to tell you about how much she would like to lose weight, tell her that the both of you could start exercising together in order to help her accomplish this goal.

You really have to make a real effort to make this become a reality for her because you may meet resistance at first.

Due to her self-esteem issues, she would lack confidence.

As a result, she may initially turn down your offer.

However, you shouldn’t give up there.

You should truly show her that you are going to be there with her, exercising alongside her and supporting her the whole way.

You may have to show her this in action by beginning to do the exercise regiments yourself.

For example, you may choose to start doing morning walks.

Ensure that you invite her to go with you on these walks every time.

She may turn you down for a while but eventually she will get curious.

There will come a day when she decides to take you up on your offer.

Right here, you have reached an important milestone.

She is on board.

Your job from here on out is to be consistent and encouraging.

You can do this with any kind of challenge that you believe she may want to partake in.

You may have to be the example for a while until she gets used to the idea.

At some point, as long as you have been consistent, she may join you.

These are very effective ways to help your girlfriend with her self-esteem issues.

If you are truly serious about this, you will have to be prepared to commit yourself for the long term.

You are not going to be able to help her with her self-esteem issues by simply telling her that she shouldn’t feel that way.

You will have to be proactive in helping and persevere.

It will take time for her to get out of it but if you are persistent in what you are doing and supportive, she will have the best chance of succeeding.

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