My Girlfriend Has Self-Esteem Issues. How Can I Help Her Understand That She Shouldn’t Feel That Way?

Educate her about the qualities that make her special to you as a unique individual.

My Girlfriend Has Self-Esteem Issues. How Can I Help Her Understand That She Shouldn't Feel That Way?She is your girlfriend and there must be qualities that you love about her.

Let her know what those are.

Be consistent in doing this.

As human beings, we have short memories when it comes to remembering details about ourselves that helps us with our sense of self-esteem.

We do this as we don’t want to acknowledge that those qualities are legitimate.

Help her comprehend that these qualities are undeniably real by constantly reminding her about them.

Telling her about her positive qualities isn’t going to be enough to help her completely overcome her self-esteem issues.

Build up her self-esteem by encouraging her to perform some challenges with you.

Do it through exercise, exploring the world around you, academics, etc.

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The key here is to give her a challenge that you know she is passionate about and be there to support her wholeheartedly.

For example, she constantly talks about learning a specific dance, encourage her to take those dance classes and go ahead and sign up for those dance classes with her.

Maybe she talks about wanting to lose weight a bunch.

Encourage her to sign up on a new weight loss program or a gym membership with you.

Your suggestions aren’t always met with enthusiasm.

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As human beings, it’s easier to keep talking about doing something as opposed to doing it.

But, don’t worry.

Be patient.

Continue lovingly making these suggestions until she accepts.

Normally, a challenge that isn’t as taxing has the greater likelihood she agrees to it.

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For example, to start with, instead of going too big, you suggest going on morning or evening walks together to help her with her weight loss desires.

Invite her to go with you on these morning or evening walks every time.

Don’t be discouraged when she turns you down.

This activity is out of her comfort zone and agreeing to it immediately is disconcerting.

Don’t lose heart.

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As long as you keep going on these walks on your own and return in a good mood every time, she is going to feel compelled to finally take you up on your offer.

Right here, you have reached a grave milestone.

She is on board.

Your job from here on out is to be consistent and encouraging.

Do this with any challenge that you believe she wants to partake in.

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Suggest doing it, but when she turns you down, do the challenge anyway.

Have great news about your experience whenever you talk to her about it.

She warms up to the idea and eventually joins you.

Clearly, helping your girlfriend with her self-esteem issues isn’t going to be solely about lip service, you have to commit to acting on challenges she has expressed interest in, ready to take them on single-handedly at the beginning, where need be.

Do you have this much commitment in you?

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Either fully invest in helping your girlfriend with her self-esteem issues or don’t bother.

Lip service isn’t enough.

Actions are critical.

In time, as you conquer each challenge together, her courage to pick more taxing challenges increases.

This is your first indication her confidence is growing and she is feeling better about herself.

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Little by little, the challenges you perform together chip away at her insecurities, mentally and physically, until her self-esteem issues are no more.

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