Do Guys Like Tall Girls?

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Do Guys Like Tall Girls?

Many guys like tall girls.

They like the elegance that height can give said girl.

There is a reason why supermodels are seen as very desirable in our society.

They are not only pretty but also tend to be tall.

Yes, there are many guys who like tall girls.

If you are a tall girl, you should ensure that you carry yourself with grace.

If you are very insecure about whether guys will like you because you are tall girl, this could be a turn off for some guys.

You should really come off as though you are confident in yourself.

When you are insecure about your height, some guys may actually misinterpret that.

They may believe that you are acting this way because you simply don’t want to be bothered by them or they may get the sense that you are not that much fun to be around.

No one wants to be around someone who is so insecure that they make them feel uncomfortable.

This is not about simply being shy.

There are girls who are shy but still give off a persona of fun and security.

Guys like a girl who is approachable above all else.

If you were to act insecure due to your tall height, this could make you very unapproachable to guys.

You do need to come to terms with your height.

Accept that it is part of what makes you unique.

It is part of what makes you a whole individual both in a physical and emotional sense.

You cannot really detach the fact that you are a tall girl from who you are.

Hence, trying to tell yourself that you aren’t tall doesn’t really help.

You should understand that you are unique and are worth getting to know.

When you look at your height as an impediment to your dating life, it will essentially become that.

When you tend to focus on something that you make a negative, it becomes the overwhelming definition of your experience.

This is why it is dangerous to make negative assumptions about being a tall girl and how attractive that makes you to guys.

Are there going to be guys who are turned off by the fact that you are a tall girl?

Of course.

However, these are not the guys that you should be worrying about.

If your height is an issue for them, it has nothing to do with you.

It may simply be their personal preference.

Understand that these same guys may have female family members that are tall as well.

Does it mean that they don’t love and appreciate these female family members simply because they are tall?

Of course not.

They simply have a personal preference and it has nothing to really do with you as a person.

Think about yourself.

You probably also have some preferences as far as what you find appealing in a potential mate. You may prefer guys who have a particular look as well.

This is just your personal preference.

It doesn’t mean that you think there is anything wrong with guys who may not have the desired look.

It is just your preference.

Yes, there will be guys who may not find your height attractive, but there will also be guys who do.

Ensuring that you are secure in yourself and open to conversation is most important.

As I mentioned earlier, guys love an approachable girl above all else.

To be approachable, make eye contact and smile.

You would be surprised at how many guys you would attract by doing that alone regardless of how tall you are.

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