Should I Ask Her To Go Out With Me On Valentine’s Day?

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Should I Ask Her To Go Out With Me On Valentine's Day?

Just ask her out now.

Don’t wait until Valentine’s day to do it.

You would only be delaying something you should have probably done a while back.

This will only make you doubt yourself even more when that day comes.

When you keep putting something off for the future, it makes it that much easier to keep doing it.

Thereby, what you may discover is that when the special day arrives, you may be so nervous that you just put it off for another future date.

Remember that she isn’t going to be there forever.

She isn’t going to be single or available forever.

If you feel the need to ask her out, do it now while she is available and possibly open to it.

When you wait and wait, you will only put more pressure on yourself.

You will start planning everything out in your head.

You start thinking about how you will deliver the question, where you will deliver it, what words you will use, how close you will be to her before you ask her, etc.

You would make this thing so complicated that you may end up becoming completely overwhelmed by it and you haven’t even asked her out yet.

Keep it simple.

Just because Valentine’s day is considered a day of romance doesn’t mean that it is the most apropos day to ask her out.

Try not to fall into romanticizing the day so much that you apply too much meaning to it.

If you are thinking that by asking her out on Valentine’s day, you would have the best chance at her saying yes, think again.

Just because it is Valentine’s day doesn’t guarantee that she will say yes.

She will be true to how she feels and if she doesn’t feel an attraction to you, she will more than likely turn you down.

Hence, don’t place too much belief in this day. It doesn’t improve your chances of success.

You may even end up turning her off if you were to do it on this day because she may feel like this was all so contrived.

She may perceive this day as sacred or she may even look at it as not so favorable.

In other words, she may look at Valentine’s day as a day only for couples.

In which case, she may be put off by the fact that you are asking her out on such an inappropriate time for two people who aren’t couples.

On the flip side, she may regard Valentine’s day as simply too inauthentic and ridiculous of a day to take seriously.

Indeed, there are some girls who may truly detest Valentine’s day.

They may just think it is a dumb idea or may have had really bad past experiences on said day.

Hence, don’t just believe that every girl in the world simply goes bananas over Valentine’s day and will melt the moment any guy asks them out on said day.

That would be a dangerous assumption.

If you like her and want to ask her out, do it now.

When you are able to know what you want and just go for it, it makes you decisive.

This can make you really appealing to girls.

Whether this girl agrees to going out with you or not, there will be others who will be attracted to that kind of persona and may say yes to going out with you as a result.

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