Can Looks Compensate For Horrible Approach Skills?

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Can Looks Compensate For Horrible Approach Skills?

Looks cannot compensate for horrible approach skills if those horrible approach skills persist.

A girl is most definitely visually stimulated by looks.

This is where you are at a great advantage.

Your looks become a major factor upon first impression.

If your approach is horrible, she may forgive that for a while, but eventually, she will want more.

Your looks may grab her interest initially but if you aren’t able to excite her by the way you talk to her, she may really lose interest.

She does like how a great conversation makes her feel.

When you approach a girl, your first intention should always be to make her feel comfortable.

A girl loves feeling safe. When she feels safe, it opens her up to giving you a chance to impress her or entice her.

You make her feel safe by trying to relate to her in some way. When you find something in common between the both of you, it does give her a sense of calm and a reason to pay attention to what you have to say.

This is one of the best ways to avoid a horrible approach.

Simply find something in common and use that as an opener.

If she looks bored and you are as well, start your approach with that.

Tell her that she looks just as bored as you are. If she feels the same way, you have both instantly had a connection.

From here you can start finding out more about her and giving her reasons to grant you her undivided attention.

As you relate to her and even crack a joke or two, you are opening her up.

Girls absolutely love to laugh and love guys that can make them laugh.

Hence, if you start your approach by relating to her in some way, then infuse some humor into your conversation, you are already impressing her and giving yourself the best shot of keeping her interest.

If you don’t use an effective approach, your looks will only take you so far.

As I mentioned earlier, your looks may grab her intention initially but if your approach is weak and the conversation is poor, she may start losing interest.

As much as girls do love good looks in guys, they equally love being mentally stimulated.

It is a combination of both that typically makes a girl want to be with a guy and go out with him.

She wants you to give her a reason to want you.

Having good looks is not typically enough with most girls.

Do you make her laugh?

Do you make her intrigued? Do you make her want to learn more about you?

Do you make her so curious that she wants to be a part of your life?

These are all questions that can be answered by you if you use the right approach.

A girl wants to be both visually and mentally stimulated by the guy she dates.

This is how most girls think and operate when it comes to romance.

Also, do understand that attraction is subjective.

There are some women who have a physical type.

If you don’t meet that criteria, they may not entertain the idea of dating you even if you are generally regarded by most people as good looking.

However, if you do have the right kind of approach, you could overcome that.

This would be because you were able to make her feel good and stimulate her mind.

This is why you will often see attractive women dating men who are not that great looking.

Hence, try to focus your energy on your approach. Find something in common with her, relate and make her laugh.

This is one of the best ways to approach a girl.

Try not to let your good looks keep you from working on your approach.

A girl can be totally into what she sees initially but can lose interest very quickly when she notices that you have nothing interesting to say.

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