Why Do I Always End Up With Jerks?

Why Do I Always End Up With Jerks?

You are attracted to jerks.

You don’t want to acknowledge it but you are.

Unlike most men who give you a lot of attention, jerks aren’t bothered by you.

Never having to work hard to get the attention of most men, jerks force your hand.

As he ignores you like you are nothing special, you crave his recognition desperately.

It doesn’t matter that he is a little mean or abrasive, as long as he mixes that up with throwing some compliments at you.

Jerks disregard the straight and narrow path that society expects of most men.

He is different.

He is unique.

He is a challenge.

You love these qualities in him.

You just do.

When other men who don’t have these qualities talk to you, boredom sets in quickly.

These men get the cold shoulder from you.

There is no curiosity or intrigue.

They are too safe.

They didn’t make you question their desire for you.

You saw their cards right up front, leaving no mystery or challenge.

This is why you are drawn to jerks.

Regular guys are boring.

Now, how do you stop ending up with jerks?

Give it a longer period of time before getting intimate.

Jerks are impatient.

Without the introduction of sex too soon into courtship, you weed out the jerks from the gents.

When a guy is genuinely interested in you, he has the patience to get to know you over time without expecting sexual intimacy early.

Jerks have friends and family.

Build relationships with them until they trust you.

Once they trust you, they divulge sensitive information about this guy.

How did this guy treat his previous girlfriends?

How does he act when he doesn’t get what he wants?

How long has his previous romantic relationships lasted?

Answers to these questions are revealed as you build trust and rapport with his family and friends.

Know what relationship you are looking for.

Are you strictly looking for excitement in a relationship or something deeper?

A relationship that is deeper isn’t flashy.

It doesn’t possess the drama and unpredictability a relationship with a jerk brings.

Are you ready for a relationship that is less flashy?

Your answer determines whether jerks remain in your future or not.

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