Why Do I Always End Up With Jerks?

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Why Do I Always End Up With Jerks?

You are attracted to jerks.

You may not want to acknowledge it but you are.

You like the fact that they don’t seem to be bothered about you.

You like the fact that you have to work hard to get their attention.

You like the fact that they tend to ignore you as though you aren’t anything special.

You like the fact that they can be a little mean and abrasive.

You like the fact that they seem to go their own way and disregard the straight and narrow path that society tries to put most men in.

He is different.

He is unique.

He is a challenge.

You love all of these qualities in him.

You just do.

When other men who don’t have these qualities have tried to talk to you in the past, you have gotten bored very easily.

You have given some of them the cold shoulder because they simply didn’t give you that feeling.

They didn’t make you curious.

They didn’t make you question their desire for you.

They essentially showed you all of their cards right from the start and left you without any kind of mystery or challenge.

This is just the reality and you have to accept this fact before we can move on and try to fix this problem.

Now, how can you help yourself?

One of your best options to avoid constantly ending up with jerks is to try to avoid sexual intimacy with them for a longer period of time.

One thing that many jerks have in common is impatience.

If you allow the relationship to develop without introducing sex into it for a decent amount of time, you will be able to weed out the jerks from the gents.

If a guy is truly interested in you and has genuine intentions, he will be fine with allowing the process of getting to know you to unfold naturally without instant expectations of sexual intimacy.

Another way that you can help yourself from ending up with jerks is to try to get to know this person’s friends and family as best you can before getting really serious with him.

Try to actually build relationships and let these people start trusting you.

As your relationships with them grow, they will be more willing to tell you more about this guy’s character.

How did they treat their previous girlfriends?

How do they act when they don’t get what they want?

How long have their previous romantic relationships been?

They would be able to answer these questions honestly because you would have built a rapport with them and they like you.

You should also ensure that you know what kind of relationship you are looking for.

Do you tend to look for only excitement in a relationship or something more substantial?

The relationship that has the best chance of lasting isn’t always the one that has the most excitement.

Yes, oftentimes, the person that is going to give us the most sustainable and long lasting relationship isn’t the guy that is the loudest at the party.

It may be the kind who is having quiet conversations at the corner of the room.

Hence, you do have to figure out what kind of relationship you are looking for as well.

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