Am I Being Too Picky In Terms Of What I Am Attracted To?

In all honesty, when a thought like this comes into your head, it’s a cue that you are being too picky.

Am I Being Too Picky In Terms Of What I Am Attracted To?Now, this doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with being too picky, as it does have its benefits.

But it does have its limits, especially when you are constantly at the tail end of failed dates or relationships.

This is when you have taken this too far.

You are jettisoning perfectly good relationships or dates.

It is natural to want your perfect person to date.

A lot of people have a prototype of a person that they want to date in their heads.

You have a right to want what you want and there is nothing wrong with that.

It’s when this becomes an impediment to your dating life that you have to rethink what you are doing.

Remove a few things off that picky checklist.

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Recognize that there are so many facets to a person.

A person who doesn’t meet a requirement that you have in a potential partner doesn’t eliminate the possibility that they have other qualities you fall in love with.

Surprise surprise, you learn something about the person that captivates you.

This makes you see dating in general totally differently.

Sometimes, when we get so constricted by what we want in a mate, we are blinded to other facets of that date that is interesting and enlightening.

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You learn something about life from them that you had never thought about.

When being picky has reached a point where your relationships are ending very quickly or you lose interest in your dates too prematurely, an adjustment is needed.

A partner who is imperfect is inevitable.

No one is perfect.

What do you do then?

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Leave the person?

Doing this guarantees an endless cycle of failed relationships.

This is why there are some people who seem to go through partners like toilet paper.

They keep projecting what they want outward instead of looking within.

A person with a history of these relationships is the one with the issues, not their partner.

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Reflect on yourself and what you are doing.

Are you perfect?

You think you are, but seriously, are you?

Are there days that you have woken up feeling lousy and depressed?

Are there days that you have lost your temper when it wasn’t warranted?

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Every human being has bad moments and so have you.

So, why do you expect your mate to be perfect?

Knowing exactly what you want in a partner is fine, but it mustn’t be taken to extremes.

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