How Do You Know If One Person Loves The Other More?

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How Do You Know If One Person Loves The Other More?

They person who loves the other more goes above and beyond so that the other person is happy.

This is to the detriment of what they deserve for themselves.

A person who does this to a partner who doesn’t equally reciprocate, loves their partner more.

A healthy relationship is 50/50.

The wants and desires of the two parties are met equally, creating a healthy balance in the power dynamics of the relationship.

If the scales weigh more like 80/20 or 100/0, one person is getting the majority of what they want and the other isn’t.

This is an imbalanced relationship.

Unfortunately, imbalanced relationships like this eventually leads to misery for the person who is giving everything.

This person’s needs aren’t being met.

Those needs are emotional, physical and so forth.

The person who is constantly on the receiving end develops a sense of entitlement, believing that they deserve everything that is being given to them.

They become insatiable, while giving little to nothing back.

This opens up a tedious, never-ending cycle.

The more this partner on the receiving end gets what they want, the more they want and are never satisfied.

It is human nature.

The more someone receives, the quicker they get bored with what they received and want something more.

This is something physical, emotional and so forth.

It doesn’t really matter.

When they are constantly getting what they want, they want more and more.

Unfortunately, this means that the person in the relationship who is doing all the giving never does enough.

They never do enough because their partner is never satisfied and only wants more.

Something else to watch for is when the partner who gives loses their center, molding themselves into what the receiving partner wants.

Whether it be their personality, beliefs, or lifestyle, the partner who gives restructures their persona to fit into what their partner wants.

This has a negative effect on this person’s relationships with family, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, etc.

Soon, they cut off various people in these trusted relationships to assuage their lover.

This is blind devotion, showcasing a giving partner who wants to be accepted and loved so badly by the other, they cut off relationships with important people to get it.

This is when the giving has gone too far.

The love and acceptance the giving partner is craving is never met, even with these sacrifices.

A selfish partner is never satisfied.

They are sly too.

Every now and then, they give something back.

But they do it to make the giving partner hopeful, so that they keep giving.

Are you a giving partner who overdoes it?

A healthy relationship is balanced, otherwise misery and unhappiness is inevitable.

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