How Do You Know If One Person Loves The Other More?

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How Do You Know If One Person Loves The Other More?They will typically go above and beyond to ensure that the other person is happy.

They do this to the detriment of what they may want for themselves.

If a person is trying to ensure that their partner gets what they want when they want, but the partner doesn’t do the same, it’s typically a sign that they may love their partner more.

A relationship should really be 50/50.

The wants and desires of both parties should be met on an equal level in order for the relationship to be balanced.

If the scales weigh more like 80/20 or 100/0, one person is getting the majority of what they want and the other isn’t.

This is a sign that you are dealing with a very imbalanced relationship.

Unfortunately, relationships like this tend to become very miserable for the person who is giving everything.

The problem with these kinds of relationships is that when you are dealing with imbalance, it means that somebody’s needs aren’t getting met.

Those needs could be emotional, physical or both.

This creates a massive problem.

The person who is constantly on the receiving end of getting whatever they want will start feeling entitled.

They will begin to believe that they deserve everything that is being given to them.

As a result, they begin to expect even more but give little to nothing back.

This opens up a very tedious and never ending cycle.

The more this person on the receiving end gets what they want, the more they want more and can never be satisfied.

It is human nature.

The more someone receives, the quicker they get bored with what they received and want something more.

This could be something physical, emotional or both.

It doesn’t really matter.

When they are constantly getting what they want, they will only want more and more.

Unfortunately, this means that the person in the relationship who is doing all the giving can never do enough.

They can never do enough because their partner will never be satisfied and only want more.

Another big sign that a person loves the other more is when they allow that person to criticize people in their life and even give this person the benefit of the doubt.

They may hear criticisms about friends or family members from this person and start believing it.

They essentially start giving this person more credit than they deserve.

What ultimately happens is this person that is in love with the other more begins to cut off relationships with people that they have trusted in their lives.

They may cut off relationships with some family and friends simply to assuage their lover.

Due to the fact that their lover has influenced the perception that they have of these friends and family, they believe that they have to let some of those friends and family go.

This is a very strong example of someone who loves the other more to the point of blindly allowing them to influence the platonic relationships that they have.

It is never healthy in a relationship for one person to love the other so much more that they not only give way more than they should, but they also allow that person to influence their platonic relationships.

This will only create an imbalance in the relationship that leads to unhappiness.

Be cognizant of all of this so that you never find yourself in a position where you are being taken advantage of.

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