Ex Broke Up With Me For Another Guy. But Now She Wants Me Back?

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Ex Broke Up With Me For Another Guy. But Now She Wants Me Back?It’s best to be cautious.

You may still care for your ex and want things to go back to the way they were. However, your ex did break up with you for a reason.

Whether it was due to boredom, a lack of interest or cheating, they did break up with you. Hence, to simply take them back would not be addressing the giant elephant in the room.

The problems have to be addressed.

If you were to simply take your ex back without addressing these problems, they will happen again.

Sure, the first few weeks or months may be okay but eventually the same problems will arise.

You should try to control yourself and not allow your emotions and desires to get the best of you at this time.

You have to question why your ex would want you back now after having broken up with you.

You have to question their motives.

The last thing you should want is to put yourself in a position where you are once again vulnerable to your ex hurting your feelings and breaking up with you yet again.

Your best option is to have an honest conversation with your ex and try to find out what is going on with them emotionally.

You shouldn’t simply take what they tell you. Ensure that you delve deeper into their motives.

If they were to tell you that they had made a mistake and just wanted you back, ask them why.

Ask them what their frame of thinking was when they decided to break up with you in the first place.

Were they bored? Depressed? Angry? Hopeless?

Getting them to give you specific words for the way they were feeling is very important because then you can actually use those words as clues to what the problem may have been.

If they were to tell you that they were bored, you could ask them why.

At this point, you could also start reflecting on your past relationship to decipher whether it was indeed boring.

Perhaps the both of you were constantly doing the same activities.

Perhaps the both of you were always playing it safe by sticking around the same circle of friends.

This may be an area you could look into and possibly try to remedy.

The key here though is that there has to be a very honest talk about what went wrong in the past relationship.

You both have to figure out what the problem or problems were so that the same mistakes aren’t repeated if you were both to get back together.

Do give this some time for reflection and conversation.

If you decide that you would like to get back with your ex, try not to get intimate with them immediately.

This is where a lot of people in your situation run into problems.

When you have sex so soon after getting back together, it clouds your judgment.

Sex releases endorphins into your body which tend to boost your mood and reduce stress.

This kind of chemical reaction in your body may make you ignore the real issues in your relationship because you just want to keep feeling this good.

In other words, the sex tends to shroud the problematic areas in the relationship that need to be remedied.

As a result, you will simply ignore the real problems and act like everything is back to normal.

Hence, try your best to initially focus and work on the troubling issues that affected your past relationship in the first place.

Work those out first.

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