Why Would He Keep Her Promise Ring?

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Why Would He Keep Her Promise Ring?

By still keeping her promise ring, there may have been something that was never really resolved with her.

In other words, his relationship with her may have ended in a way that wasn’t very conclusive.

This is an important factor.

This is what often happens in a relationship that ended with a lot more questions than answers.

This also tends to happen when a relationship just ends abruptly.

What you may have is a guy that may indeed be trying to move on, but in the back of his mind, he still thinks about that past relationship and the way it ended.

He hasn’t quite moved on from it and is still wondering why it ended.

It’s important that you have a talk about this to him.

Try not to be confrontational or anything like that but simply ask him to be honest with you about his feelings for her.

He may try to deny that there is anything going on at first but if you are truly intent on learning more, he will realize that he has to be forthcoming with you.

This may be a time that you should slow down as far as dating him.

It doesn’t mean that you should stop dating him but you should not allow your emotions to start taking root quite yet in this relationship.

The last thing you should want is to be in a place where you are now having strong feelings for him and he is still stuck on his ex.

This would put you in a very difficult spot.

You would be stuck in the middle with a very unclear path forward.

Hence, try to slow down at this point until you have gotten to the bottom of this.

Simply try to have meaningful conversations with him about his feelings and try to observe him.

Try not to be judgmental when you do this so that he doesn’t feel uneasy.

If you notice that while the both of you are engaged in activities, he doesn’t quite seem to be there mentally, that could be because he is thinking of her.

If you notice that whenever you get into in-depth conversations with him, he tends to start tensing up and would rather talk about something a lot more frivolous and meaningless, he may be having issues with opening up and allowing this relationship to develop naturally.

You have to truly guard your heart at this time and tread lightly.

He has to come to terms with how he feels about her.

He has to allow himself to move on from her so that he can open himself up to you fully.

If he is not willing to do that, you are wasting your time with him.

You are dealing with a guy who will always feel like he let the right one go.

He will always feel like the real person for him is the last girl he was with and not you.

You are merely a replacement that is there to keep him company and prevent loneliness.

Is this who you want to be to him?

Second best?

I don’t think so.

Thereby, do have this talk with him about this and observe his behavior for a while before allowing yourself to start falling for him.

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