Should You Date Someone Who Cheated On A Previous Partner?

Should You Date Someone Who Cheated On A Previous Partner?

Don’t date someone who cheated on a previous partner.

In cheating on a previous partner, there is a good chance that they cheat on you eventually.

This is how you save yourself from heartache.

People who have cheated on their previous partners have a history of cheating.

A little investigation on your part reveals that their previous partner was not the first one they cheated on.

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No matter how amazing you think this person is, you aren’t anything special.

I guarantee you that the last person that was cheated on by this person also believed that they were special.

Not special enough apparently.

They were cheated on nonetheless.

This is where people come up with excuses for the cheater to absolve the cheater of blame.

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It was their ex’s fault, as said ex wasn’t treating the cheater right.

With them, it’s going to be different.

They know how to treat a guy right to keep him from ever cheating on them.

Is this you?

Have you fallen prey into believing you are different from the people that this cheater dated in the past?

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You believe that what you have with this cheater is so much more meaningful than what they had with their previous partner and there is such an amazing bond and connection between you.

You convince yourself that there is no chance this person is going to cheat on you like they did their previous partner.

Do you know what happens later?

A few weeks, months or years down the road, this person cheats on you.

No surprise.

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Those excuses you were giving for them have proven worthless.

This person has done it again.

Now you realize that you were being irrational.

You wanted this relationship to happen so bad that you overlooked the bad and clung to your desire.

From here, it is literally emotional mayhem.

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You are already in love with this person.

They have just cheated on you like they did their previous partner and you are so hurt.

You love this person.

This person proceeds to give you the excuses.

They are so sorry for what they did, as they were so weak at the time and promise to never do it again.

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You are angry at them but love them.

So, what do you end up doing?

You decide to give them another chance, as you are blinded by your love and your desperate hope that this time around they are different and live up to what they have promised you.

It’s good for a while.

A month or two go by without incident but then the unthinkable happens.

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They cheat again.

Now, you have entered a cycle.

The moment you forgave them the first time and kept the relationship alive is the moment you rewarded their bad behavior.

You have emboldened the cheater.

This is why they have cheated on you again.

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What do you do now?

You love this person so much.

They are telling you yet again about how sorry they are and they promise that it won’t happen again.

You take them back and the cycle of cheating unfortunately continues.

So miserable, you soon lose your sense of dignity and self-worth.

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Is this a relationship you aspire to be in?

I hope not.

Stay away from this person.

Cheating evolves into a habit when you are dating someone who gets away with it time and time again.


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