Why Do Some Men Get Married When They Still Love Their Single Life As Well?

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Why Do Some Men Get Married When They Still Love Their Single Life As Well?They may get married in order to show family, friends, acquaintances and society at large that they have settled down.

They have been shown that this is the way to go.

They have been shown through media or the way that they were raised that being married is the pinnacle of their acceptance in society.

Hence, these men may get married simply because they believe that it is what is expected of them.

They don’t want to be the odd one out.

They don’t want to ultimately become that middle-aged guy who never settled down.

His perception tends to rule his decision.

However, he still loves the single life because he was never quite ready to abandon it.

He appreciated the freedom that it brought and as a result he still craves it.

Oftentimes, these men simply get married in order to make themselves count and be relevant in society.

They do so under a sense of social pressure and a need for acceptance.

They want that boost to their social status.

They may also do so under pressure from the woman herself.

If the woman that he is dating is constantly barraging him about getting married, he can only delay the inevitable for so long.

If he has been dating this woman for a while and may even be in love with her, he will want to make her happy by getting married.

He would do this out of the fear of losing her.

This is not the best approach to take when you decide to marry a person that you are supposed to be with for the rest of your life.

He should want to marry her just as much as she does.

He shouldn’t want to marry her simply because he is getting pressured.

Being that he never really wanted to get married, he will still crave that single life.

He may have single male friends that he envies.

He may even start talking or flirting with other women when his wife isn’t around but assures himself that he is doing nothing wrong because he doesn’t take things any further than that.

There are other men who get married for a different reason.

They get married because they feel that it would enable them to end their actual love of the single life.

They actually hope that by getting married, their love for the single life will somehow disappear.

In some ways, they use the marriage as an antidote to their love of the single life, thinking that it will crush it and remove that desire.

Unfortunately, these same men get married and soon realize that they still love the single life.

If anything, now that they have gotten married, they desire the single life even more. Hence, marriage wasn’t the cure to their philandering ways.

By trying to make marriage the cure to their love of the single life, they essentially exacerbated their condition.

Hence, the marriage suffers because it was used as some kind of remedy.

Unfortunately, once the initial euphoria of the marriage ceremony is gone and the real work of being married sets in, these men realize just how much work it is and the life of being single suddenly starts becoming much more appealing.

They begin to crave it to the point where they may even start flirting with women just to see if they have still got it.

If the women respond, some of these men are happy with that and back out of taking things any further.

However, for some, a response from women could lead them to seek out more and more attention which could then ultimately lead to cheating.

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