If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Gets A Scholarship To A School Out Of State, What Should You Do?

If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Gets A Scholarship To A School Out Of State, What Should You Do?

The decision to capitalize on this scholarship and go to a school out of state or not, must be your partner’s decision and theirs alone.

You never ever want to be the person that keeps a partner away from their dreams.

To be that person means that you are selfish and strictly thinking about your own happiness.

Love makes people selfish.

A person you love is a person you have a deep emotional connection with and this complicates things.

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Being separated from them is akin to losing a limb.

When there is a deep emotional connection, this partner becomes an extension of you.

The thought of no longer having this partner around is terrifying.

You don’t want to be left behind as this partner goes off to a school out of state to fulfill their scholarship.

It’s human nature to worry about a separation from a partner.

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But true love is unselfish.

Your partner has worked hard to get this scholarship and is excited about their achievement.

Their excitement doesn’t come without anxiety.

Like you, they are worried about a separation from you and are confused about what to do.

On the one hand, they want to capitalize on this amazing shot at a bright future and on the other hand, they are worried about leaving you behind.

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This is where it is tempting to convince your partner to stay.

You know they are worried about the separation and you choose to sow further doubts into their mind so that they are discouraged from leaving.

This is the most selfish act from a partner who is primarily concerned about their own happiness.

Remember that this is your partner’s dream come true, a chance to pursue a career they have always wanted, thanks to this scholarship.

Before you came into their life, your partner had already envisioned a future in this career field.

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The decision to stay or go to a school out of state needs to be theirs.

Your job as a loving partner is not to sway them either way, but to be supportive in whatever they decide.

Your partner’s predicament goes beyond their relationship with you.

There are other complications.

Accepting this scholarship is not just about moving away from you but it is about moving away from family and friends.

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That in and of itself is tough to digest.

In asking you about your opinion on what to do, support your partner by telling them you are there for them regardless of what choice they make.

The right outcome is a partner who makes a decision without undue influence from you.

This is how they live with their decision, knowing that it was made by them and no one else.


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