If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Gets A Scholarship To A School Out Of State, What Should You Do?

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If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Gets A Scholarship To A School Out Of State, What Should You Do?

If their heart is set on going to this school, you should support them.

You never ever want to be that person that keeps their partner away from their dreams.

To be that person would mean that you are selfish and only thinking about your own happiness.

Yes, you may feel like all you want to do is have them around because you love them, but think again.

Oftentimes, you want them around because you want to be emotionally and physically satiated.

You don’t want them to leave you behind all alone to fend for yourself.

Thereby, in all honesty, in this situation, you are clearly thinking about yourself.

There is a good chance that your partner is excited about this opportunity as well as nervous.

This is a time that they are also going to be doubtful about what to do.

Their dream may have come true in getting this scholarship but they also have you to think about.

They are now uncertain of what road to take and may be afraid.

This is the moment that someone who is only thinking about themselves in the relationship may take advantage.

You may try to convince your partner to stay because you simply don’t want to be left alone.

Your partner is at their weakest and you are essentially trying to take advantage and move things in the direction that you selfishly want.

A true and supportive partner wouldn’t do this.

Remember that this is your partner’s dream come true.

They now have an opportunity to pursue a career that they have always wanted thanks to this scholarship.

Your partner may now be able to envision a future where they have attained the pinnacle of whatever career they want to pursue.

The decision to stay or go should be theirs.

Your job is not really to sway them either way but to allow them to decide what they feel is best for them and their future.

Partners are there to support, not to take advantage of the other when they are at their most uncertain and fearful.

There is a real chance that all of this is a little too much for your partner.

They have this wonderful scholarship but there are also other implications as well.

Accepting this scholarship is not just about moving away from you but it is also about moving away from family and friends.

Hence, it is a really tough spot to be in and the last thing your partner needs is you giving them some kind of guilt trip over what they should or shouldn’t do.

As I mentioned earlier, the best option in this situation is to simply let your partner decide.

If they were to ask your opinion of what they should do, simply tell them that you support whatever they decide to do as this is their decision and theirs alone.

When you say this, do try to be genuine.

If your partner notices through your negative body language that you are unhappy about this scholarship, it would only make your partner’s decision that much more difficult.

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