What To Do When You Are Loving Two People At The Same Time?

Figure out what relationship you are looking for, and make a choice of which one of the two people best fits this ideal.

What To Do When You Are Loving Two People At The Same Time?Do you want a long-term or short-term relationship?

When you want a relationship that is short term, you are better off picking the person that you have the most superficial banter with.

This is the one you don’t talk to on a consistently serious level, as most of your conversations are lighthearted in nature and rarely go into deeper and more personal details.

This one is the one you flirt with the most.

Whenever you are together, it is all about fluff and making fun of each other in a lighthearted and flirty manner.

You have hooked up with this person in the past but you rarely go on official dates.

This is the person that you don’t talk that much about with your friends, family or acquaintances.

Yes, from time to time, you mention this person to them but for the most part, you keep your relationship with this person relatively private.

The person I have just described is the perfect candidate for a short-term relationship.

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This is someone that you are not as emotionally invested in, though you love them.

When you are looking for a long-term relationship, you choose the guy that you have the best and most intimate conversations with.

This is the one you open up to more.

You talk on the phone for hours and don’t realize how much time has gone by.

In a long-term relationship, you want someone that you communicate with on multiple levels, not just flirting.

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Good communication matters.

Assess how you communicate with these two people that you love.

Figure out the one that makes you feel like you are yourself around them.

This is the one that you open yourself up to without the fear of being judged.

They listen and remember your discussions no matter how frivolous or intimate.

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This is the one that you see yourself introducing to the people that matter to you in your life and it doesn’t feel inauthentic.

You feel the most true chemistry with this one.

A chemistry that persists and isn’t based on infatuation or flirtation.

No matter how much you love being with either one, you have to make a decision on who to be with.

Attempting to eat your cake and have it too by dating both works against you.

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Inevitably, they learn about each other and you are now possibly about to lose the two.

Don’t go this far.

Make a decision soon.

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