Why Babe And Not My Name?

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Why Babe And Not My Name?

You may want him to call you by your real name and yet he just keeps calling you “babe” all the time.

You may be wondering why he keeps doing this.

Perhaps, you have never had someone call you “babe” so often or at all.

Perhaps you feel like when this guy calls you “babe,” it is so impersonal.

You may feel like you are more of an object than an actual person because he always calls you “babe” as opposed to your real name.

The truth is, it probably is personal to him.

Do remember that the both of you are coming into this relationship from different points of view.

You have both had totally different experiences in your dating lives.

You have dated different people and have had unique experiences.

As a result, the way you may look at the word “babe” may be totally different from the way this guy looks at it.

You are making a judgment on the word based on your own dating experience and what you have observed.

None of the relationship in the past called you by this word.

You haven’t seen any of your friends and their lovers being called “babe”.

You haven’t been around acquaintances who are dating that call each other “babe.”

You are used to being called by your name and also seeing this happen in relationships around you.

Hence, your prism of understanding where this word is concerned is truly relegated to what you have experienced.

You don’t know why this word should be used in replacement of your name because you simply haven’t been around this phenomena much.

Your experience comes from one where regular names are used.

Also, you may have a negative connotation about the word “babe” because it may sound like what you have seen in campy movies or heard from people who could care less about each other.

Perhaps, you have heard it when guys call out at girls who are walking by.

They call them “babe” because they don’t know the girl’s real name.

However, whenever you have witnessed this, it has always felt like those girls were simply objects or pieces of meat to these guys.

This is the experience that you have had with this word.

This other guy’s experience may be totally different.

He may have used this word for his past girlfriends as a term of endearment.

In his heart, whenever he uses that word, he is looking at someone he truly loves and cares about.

He may not use it for just anyone.

He may typically only use it for you.

This is a strong sign that he sees you as someone special and not just an object.

Observe him when he is around other girls.

Does he call them “babe” too?

If he doesn’t then he is clearly singling you out as someone special in his life.

He has developed an intimate fondness of you and he uses the word “babe” in order to express it.

Hence, he uses the word in a positive and happy way.

His intention is not to make you feel like you are an object and that your real name has no bearing.

Do try to understand that just because this guy calls you “babe” doesn’t mean that he is being rude or denigrating you in any way.

This may simply be the way he expresses his love or fondness of you.

If you simply can’t stand the word, just let him know kindly that you would prefer that he called you by your real name.

If he cares about you and respects you, he will most likely acquiesce.

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