Will His Parents Like Me?

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Will His Parents Like Me?

His parents may like you or they may not like you.

It all depends on the impression that they get from you.

Now, you should try not to concern yourself so much about whether his parents will like you.

If you were to keep doing this, you will make yourself nervous.

What do we tend to do when we are nervous?

We tighten up and get a little bit uncomfortable.

We become a shell to some extent.

This prevents our personalities from shining through.

You shouldn’t want this.

You should want to put yourself in a position where the real you is present.

You should allow yourself to feel that comfortable.

Hence, your primary thought should be about letting your personality shine.

You should understand that it is only when you present your true self that they will get a real understanding of what you are about.

Also, you do need to ensure that you are honest.

Oftentimes, in order to impress someone that we so desperately want to impress, we may embellish the truth about something or straight out lie.

This is not a good idea.

If you were to be dishonest about something in the hopes that you gain their approval, this approval would be very short-lived.

The parents would ultimately discover that you were being dishonest and this alone would put you in a very bad position in their eyes.

Hence, do understand that the best way to go about this is to be yourself and to be honest.

Do not be afraid to be different.

Do not be afraid that you may have the opposite view about something.

All of this is what makes you unique and your own person.

You would be surprised at how much people appreciate honesty and even healthy disagreement.

It makes you seem very genuine.

That is the type of impression you would hope that his parents have of you.

One of being a genuine person.

This is important.

When they notice that you are a genuine person, it makes them feel that much more secure in the fact that you are dating their offspring.

They will be more reassured in the perception that your feelings for their offspring must be genuine as well.

This is where they will begin to trust you.

Once you have gained their trust, you have won them over.

You didn’t even have to pretend to be someone that you were not.

Do try not to learn too much about his parents before meeting them.

When you ask your partner too many questions about his parents, it will make you more constricted.

You will start mentally trying to adapt your behavior to what you believe his parents would find acceptable based on what you’ve learned from your partner.

This would make you come off as fake and rehearsed.

You should want to present your true self so that his parents get an authentic impression of your character.

Again, as I mentioned earlier, honesty can leave a very strong impression on people.

Hence, do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with too much information about them.

Simply go as yourself.

Going as yourself also helps you avoid getting into awkward moments where you may not quite know how to respond to something.

As long as you remain yourself throughout the interaction, it will be easier for you to respond to whatever may be asked of you in a natural way and thereby come off as a lot more authentic to his parents.

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