Should You Date A Guy Younger Than You?

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Should You Date A Guy Younger Than You?

Use your instincts as a guide.

Who you choose to date doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, unless you are ignoring something within.

What does dating a younger guy feel like to you?

Denial, is sneaky.

We lie to ourselves about how we feel about something, not wanting to face the truth.

You tell yourself that this is only a small problem to be overcome.

This isn’t true.

Constantly thinking and worrying about this means it’s a problem.

It exacerbates the functionality of the relationship.

You worry about what your friends, family or colleagues think.

Comparing yourself to women his age, you wonder about whether he looks at them as more attractive than you.

A future together and compatibility as you both age comes into doubt.

Such thoughts in a relationship influences behavior.

You aren’t aware that you are behaving strangely.

Going out with him feels too much and you choose to stay indoors.

This isn’t a recipe for a healthy relationship.

When the fact that he is younger makes you this unsettled, reconsider dating this guy.

Instincts influence behavior.

You don’t realize the significance of what you are doing.

You are hiding the truth from yourself and this is unproductive.

All it leads to is pain and a relationship that lacks authenticity.

Ask yourself about how you truly feel about this.

Pinpoint your reasons behind feeling any sense of restlessness about this.

After doing this, ask yourself about the long-term prospects of success while keeping these reasons front of mind.

Still unclear?

Take a short break from the relationship in order to really figure out where you stand in this.

Sometimes, taking a short break from the relationship gets you to see much clearer.

It gives you that precious period of reflection.

A degree of emotional cohesion is gained.

When you have this period out of the relationship, you are more in tune with your sense of content or discontent.

He isn’t a distraction.

You don’t have his voice on the phone constantly.

You just have yourself and your emotions.

Give this temporary break about a week or two.

Don’t make it too long.

This gives you the time you need to know for certain what your true feelings are.

Maybe you discover that you miss him and care less that he is younger.

All you want to do now is just grab that phone and talk to him.

On the other hand, you discover that you felt a lot more at peace without him and draw the conclusion that you don’t want a younger guy.

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