Your Crush Says You Remind Him Of His Mother. What Does That Mean?

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Your Crush Says You Remind Him Of His Mother. What Does That Mean?

Your crush may be insinuating that you are a good example but at the same time you may be a bit too much to handle.

What do mothers typically do?

The good mothers nurture and protect.

Yes, they nurture and protect.

Pay particular attention to the “protect” part.

This is the part that your crush may be insinuating that you are a bit too overbearing or too much to handle.

Now, it doesn’t mean that this is enough to turn him off of you but it is something that you should probably work on.

Your crush may not want to directly tell you that sometimes he feels that you are too clingy or demanding about something.

He may not want to hurt your feelings.

Hence, he tells you that you remind him of his mother.

Since he loves his mother, he hopes that this comparison goes over well on you.

However, a part of him may also be hoping that you get the hint.

Think about his mother.

What has he told you about her in the past?

When he talks about her, what is his body language like?

If he tends to speak kindly of his mother, he sees you in mostly a good light.

When he associates you with his mother, he is mostly thinking about your positive qualities.

This is obviously a good thing.

However, if there are moments he has told you about his mother and how she upsets him from time to time over certain issues, he may also be sending the message that just like his mother, you do the same.

Again, he may not want to come right out and tell you how he truly feels about negative aspects of your persona, so he uses his mother as the shield.

In his subconscious, he is really hoping that you get the hint.

It may not always be that you are a bit too much and overbearing like mother is.

It may not always be that you push and try to be too protective of him.

Sometimes, it could be a particular characteristic that you have or a way you go about saying something that makes him think of his mother.

Again, what he thinks about may not necessarily be positive.

He may attribute a way you address him to the way his mother does.

He may not like that.

There is a good chance that when he is using this comparison, the majority of it is positive in nature.

However, there is almost always a negative in there.

No matter how much we love our parents, we can always find something negative about them that may rub us the wrong way.

Hence, do try to evaluate the situation.

As I mentioned earlier, try to look back on the discussions that you have had with him where he mentioned his mother.

If these discussions were mostly positive, he is comparing you to someone that he loves and admires in a good way.

However, do consider anything negative that he may have told you about her as well.

There is a good chance that he is telling you indirectly that you have some of these negative attributes.

He will do this in order to insinuate instead of coming right out and telling you how he feels about something or some things in particular that you do which may irk him.

He is using the analogy of his mother as a shield.

His mother is a safe cover for him because he can use her while knowing that if you were to respond in a negative way to it, he can just say that his mother is someone he loves and you should appreciate the fact that he is using her as an example.

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