Is My Girlfriend Not Into Me Anymore?

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Is My Girlfriend Not Into Me Anymore?

Your girlfriend may not be into you if you notice that she doesn’t communicate with you as much as she used to.

This may actually sneak up on you without you even seeing it coming.

You have to pay strong attention to this.

A decrease in communication is one of the first real signs of a loss of interest.

Try to consider how often your girlfriend actually initiates contact or communicates with you.

Now, try to compare that to the past.

Do you notice that there has been a drop in the volume of phone calls, texts, emails, etc.,?

There are always going to be ebbs and flows in communication in any relationship. However, there is ultimately going to be a balance that typically leans towards consistency in communication.

If your balance seems to be leaning more on the lack there of, there is a good chance that your girlfriend isn’t into you anymore.

The interesting thing is, she may not even quite know it yet.

Yes, she may of had some doubts about the current state of her feelings for you but she may not necessarily know that she is no longer into you.

What subconsciously starts the process for her is a decrease in communication.

She suddenly would rather talk to a friend than you.

She suddenly feels like running errands in her leisure time instead of asking you what you are up to.

All these cause a decrease in communication.

She may not be aware of what she is doing entirely until she finally reaches the point that she simply comes to terms with it.

On the flip side, she may be aware of what she is doing but is trying to send you hints.

Oftentimes, people in relationships can be total cowards.

They may be fully aware that they are no longer into their partner but instead of letting their partner know, they start communicating less.

They hope that by doing this, their partner will realize that they are no longer into them and perhaps move on.

Hence, they don’t have the courage or decency to let their partner know that the feelings that they once had for them are now non-existent.

This may be what she is doing as well.

She decreases the volume of not only communication but also activities that she has with you in the hopes that you get the point.

If you are noticing that the both of you barely hang out or are hanging out a lot less than you used to, your girlfriend may be conveying this message.

She knows that by not doing much with you, you will begin to wonder why.

She knows that if she were to continue doing what she is doing, you will begin to ask questions in your mind and doubt the validity of the relationship.

In these moments, she may hope that you begin to do the same.

She may hope that in retaliation you will start giving her a taste of her own medicine.

If you start communicating with her less or hanging out with her less, you are matching her behavior.

At this point, it would be a lot easier for her to let you go because she could use the excuse that you were not paying her much attention anyway.

As human beings, we tend to try to find an excuse when we get into a tight situation that may require that we hurt someone’s feelings just so that we don’t feel like the bad guy.

If anything I have described at all pertains to what you are experiencing, you should have a talk with your girlfriend.

Try not to be confrontational but do be firm about what you have noticed and how it is making you feel.

The sooner you get all of this out in the open, the easier it will be to determine where this relationship is going.

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