The Girl You Are Dating Is Dating More Than One Man

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The Girl You Are Dating Is Dating More Than One Man

What kind of relationship are the both of you in?

Have the both of you decided to date each other exclusively?

If you haven’t decided to date each other exclusively, the girl you are dating may be dating other guys because she does have that option.

Remember that until the both of you decide to become exclusive in your relationship, she has the right to date whoever and as many people as she chooses.

Hence, you really do need to figure out what you want out of this relationship.

If the both of you are still in the early stages of dating, she may not take too kindly to you telling her that she should only date you.

However, if the both of you have been dating for a while and you want to be exclusive with her, you should let her know how you feel.

Understand that she may look at the relationship that the both of you currently have as casual.

This may be the impression that she has been getting on your dates.

Hence, she may be dating other guys because she doesn’t feel that sense of security.

Girls will typically want to know where they stand in your life after a few dates.

If they feel like your approach to the dates has been very casual, they may take that to mean that you simply want to date casually.

As a result, they may open themselves up to dating other guys while still dating you.

This is why it is important to send her a clear message of what you are ultimately hoping for.

If you are always ambiguous with your feelings and you never truly reveal how you feel about her, she may not want to invest her emotions.

She would not want to do this because she doesn’t want to get hurt.

Hence, she will date other men as well just to keep her options open and ensure that she doesn’t allow herself to fall for a guy who doesn’t seem sure of where he wants the relationship to go.

Thereby, you have to be clear in your mind. Where do you want this relationship to go?

How hard have you worked to make it go towards the path of an exclusive relationship?

How intent have you been in trying to get to know her as a unique person during this time?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself if you want to figure out a way to resolve this.

Again, you have to send her a clear message.

Girls want to know that they are important to someone to the extent that this person really wants to be with them and them only.

If you haven’t given her this impression, she will have no trouble dating other men.

She will not want to put herself in a vulnerable position by giving you all of what she has to offer emotionally if she is worried that those feelings will not be returned.

Figure out what you really want out of this.

Do you truly want the both of you to date exclusively?

Think about this from all angles.

Don’t just approach it from the angle of hubris and ego.

Some guys may not like the fact that the girl they are dating is dating other men simply because they don’t want to lose that sense of control.

Try not to be that guy.

As I mentioned earlier, look at this from all angles.

One angle can assess how you have been behaving throughout this dating process and the other can assess how you truly feel about this girl.

If you feel like you do want exclusivity, let her know. At that point, it is her decision to make if she should feel likewise or not.

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