Is Texting A Guy After A Date, Okay?

Is Texting A Guy After A Date, Okay?

Yes, texting a guy after a date is okay.

In truth, this is a good move, as it informs the guy for certain that you had a good time.

This alone is what he needs to encourage him to ask you out on another date.

Periodically, guys go on a date with a girl doubtful about how it truly went.

Sure, the girl told them that they had a good time but that isn’t a guaranteed truth.

Girls generally don’t like confrontation.

They go on a date that they absolutely loathed and tell the guy that they had a good time to avert confrontation.

Many guys know this.

Texting him after the date, sends the message that you aren’t one of those girls.

You did have a good time at the date.

You want him to feel really confident about this so that he feels compelled to ask you out again.

When he receives that text, he gets the confirmation he needs that you undoubtedly enjoyed the date.

Keep your text short, concise and to the point.

Tell him how much you enjoyed the date and that you are looking forward to seeing him again.

Leave it at that.

He gets the picture and knows what to do next.

Assuming he was the one who initially asked you out, it shows he wants to pursue you, so let him.

Just give him the hints he needs to keep the process moving forward.

Girls often make the mistake of thinking guys read minds.

They go on a date, show no real signs of attraction, leave, and expect the guy to contact them asking for a second date.

They were genuinely into the guy but didn’t show much of it during the date.

This is where it is paramount to send a text.

When the vibe that he got from you during the date was that of a lack of interest, he is discouraged.

In his mind, he believed that you didn’t like him or enjoy the date.

But you did.

You were either too shy to show it or just slightly uncomfortable.

Sending him a text after the date is imperative.

The text confirms to him that you enjoyed the date.

Don’t get caught up worrying about what he thinks about receiving a text from you.

This is where many girls talk themselves out of doing this, surmising that a guy, when interested, is the one who texts.

Do understand that in the event of receiving the wrong impression about your level of interest during the date, he is less likely to pursue you further.

Not showing him much in your body language causes him to surmise you didn’t like him.

This text changes all that.

So, yes, it is okay to send a text after the date.

Keep it short.

Leave him with a solid impression that you want more.

This is what really helps in encouraging him that the date went well.

He feels that there is momentum and keeps up the effort to see you more often.

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