Is It Bad If I Tell A Guy That I Do Have Feelings For That I Don’t Have Feelings For Him?

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Is It Bad If I Tell A Guy That I Do Have Feelings For That I Don't Have Feelings For Him?

You should tell him the truth about how you feel about him.

If you have feelings for him, just be honest and let him know that.

If you were to lie by telling him that you don’t have feelings for him, you may regret your decision.

There may always be a part of you that wonders if you made the right decision.

Think about how you would feel if you were to see him with someone else.

You would feel terrible.

All you would be able to think about at that moment would be whether you did the right thing.

After all, that person he is with could have been you.

Do you really want to put yourself in this position?

It would be very hard to live with yourself.

Even if you were to tell yourself that what you did was for the best, you would always have doubt.

This would affect your future relationships as well.

Any relationship you were to get into would feel forced or inauthentic.

You would always think that you let the right one go and allowed yourself to get into a relationship with a secondary.

This wouldn’t be fair to both you and this other person.

Hence, you should simply be honest with yourself and with him.

If you have feelings for him, let him know.

Perhaps you are fearful and believe that if you were to tell him your true feelings that he would reject you.

This doesn’t matter. In the end, it’s about being true to yourself.

You have to develop a sense of independence.

Your mindset should be that there is no better route than the route of honesty.

When you are dishonest with your feelings, you begin to cast a web of lies.

What tends to happen is that you will find it that much easier to lie about something else.

As you go down this path, you could totally lose yourself.

You could literally get to the point where you actually begin to wonder about what you are truly about.

It gets that much easier to follow one lie with another.

It may not even only be with this guy. You may lie to family, friends, acquaintances and future lovers.

These lies would cast a web around you.

By the time you realize that you are negatively affecting important relationships in your life, it may be too late.

People distrust you.

Once people distrust you, it is very hard to get their trust back.

Hence, your best option is to tell the truth.

If you feel like you simply can’t do it at this time for whatever reason, it is better to stay silent than to lie to him about your feelings.

Allow yourself a moment to consider the effects of what your actions may do.

If you were to tell the truth, you would let him decide what course of action to take.

He may feel the same way about you or he may not.

Either way, you have given him the opportunity to make a valid and authentic decision.

This is the best position to be in.

If you lie, you have set things up in a way that may result in a lot of pretense.

He may think you have told him the truth and may look elsewhere for someone to love.

You, on the other hand, would keep wondering if he will figure it out.

You hope that he senses that you were lying. You hope that he will then come to you and begin to date you.

It is highly unlikely that he would.

This is not the position you should put yourself in. Hence, tell him the truth or say nothing at all.

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