Do Women Want A Guy Who Is Less Attractive Than They Are?

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Do Women Want A Guy Who Is Less Attractive Than They Are?

No, women do not want a guy who is less attractive than they are.

At least, that is not how they start out.

Oftentimes, women are attracted to men who are just as attractive as they are, if not more.

They become interested in these guys and even start dating them.

The problem arises when these men start straying.

These men may start looking at other women.

Due to all the attention that they get from other women, these men may either cheat or pay those other women so much attention that they essentially start ignoring their girlfriend.

This is not acceptable to most women.

Most women want a man who gives them his full attention and acts as though she is the only woman in his world.

So, these women now look at the attractive men that they are dating as dogs for having either cheated on them or shown more attention to other women.

As a result, she starts feeling disenchanted with men that are attractive.

She may begin to look at attractive men as poison.

She uses her negative experience with them as a lesson never to date men who are either just as attractive as her or more.

This is when she begins to give the less attractive men a chance.

She is still very attracted to the handsome man but she has gotten burned several times in the past and doesn’t want to go through that again.

She doesn’t want to feel like she is invisible when they are in public and he is getting so much more attention from women.

She doesn’t want to wonder who he is talking to on the phone or private messaging on social media.

This is all too much for her to take.

Hence, she decides that she wants more certainty and less drama in her love life.

She begins to give less attractive men an opportunity to date her.

This is safer to her.

Less attractive men than her are not going to get as much attention from other women.

As a result, they will be a lot less likely to ignore her or cheat on her.

She likes the sense of security that she feels with this less attractive guy.

They start dating.

Will she think about the more attractive men from time to time? Sure.

Will she flirt with the idea of wanting to be with a more attractive man from time to time?


However, those painful memories of betrayal and disrespect come back to her and she decides to stay put with the guy she has now decided to date.

He is less attractive than she is but he will not cheat on her.

He will not make her constantly question where he is and whether he is being faithful.

She can rest assured that this guy will be more faithful and give her the respect she deserves.

In the end, it’s not that women want men who are less attractive than they are, it’s that they simply don’t want to keep getting betrayed.

They decide to be with the less attractive man because he is safe.

This is why oftentimes women will date the attractive man while they are in the prime of their dating years but will ultimately choose the less attractive man to marry.

The less attractive man is more stable and ensures security.

She wants that security.

That security is crucial to her because she has reached a point in her life where she no longer wants to put herself in vulnerable positions when it comes to relationships.

She has lived long enough to now realize that a stable relationship is what would work best with her and if that means being with a guy who is less attractive, she may be completely open to that.

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