Should You Date Someone With A Missing Limb Or Not?

The activities that are a major part of your life require firsthand consideration while you are deciding on whether you should date someone with a missing limb.

Should You Date Someone With A Missing Limb Or Not?Blindly dating someone with a missing limb without considering their physical limitations, and how that does or doesn’t affect your lifestyle, is unfair to them.

Deceiving yourself into believing their missing limb isn’t an issue, you have to face reality one day when you realize that compatibility isn’t there.

You end up breaking up with them, leaving them heartbroken.

Dating someone with a missing limb has its limitations, depending on the activities you love to do and how much they matter to you.

Accepting that you aren’t compatible with someone with a missing limb and coming to terms with how their physical limitations affect you doesn’t make you a bad person.

What makes you a jerk is ignoring all your reservations and choosing to date this person anyway.

Show this person respect.

Dating them is only warranted when you have assessed what a life with them constitutes and how much their limitations interfere with the life you want to live.

Are you fine with the limitations?

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Are there activities you are ready to jettison, as they don’t matter as much?

When what works most for you in relationships is conversation and less strenuous activities, dating someone with a missing limb is realistic, with minor adjustments.

You don’t owe anyone anything, including whoever you choose to date.

Dating someone with a missing limb is a jarring change when what you know is a life full of physical activity.

Changing your lifestyle isn’t realistic for most people.

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Yet, there are some who aren’t careful, believing a change of lifestyle isn’t hard.

This is where people erroneously decide to be the “better” person and date someone with a missing limb out of pity, making that person a charity project.

No one relishes being treated as a charity project.

This person is not your charity project and they don’t deserve to be used as your validation to the world that you are not shallow.

The best approach to take is to use your intuition and ask yourself whether dating a person with a missing limb is genuinely something that you are open to and compatible with.

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Take the activities you love to do into account and ask yourself whether you are fine with a lack of these activities in your life or being limited to the activities this person is capable of doing with you.

After careful thought, coming to the conclusion that you don’t have an issue with the physical limitations removes the initial mental block.

Now, envision the future.

Do you see yourself with this person long term?

Do you see yourself making future plans with them and inhabiting a big part of their world?

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Now, there is no mental block whatsoever.

An ability to clearly see a romantic future with someone is a strong sign of compatibility.

You see more than a person with a missing limb.

This is a person who loves, laughs, plays and makes you feel incredible.

Now, whenever they come to mind, you feel butterflies.

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A missing limb notwithstanding, it isn’t inconceivable that this person brings more excitement into your life than any previous romantic relationship you’ve had.

Some previous partners don’t share an ounce of this person’s energy and passion.

They are so animated and full of life.

You are stuck on their every word, intoxicated by their enthusiasm.

These are strong signs of a person who brings a lot more excitement and fulfillment into your life than someone who has all their limbs but has no zest for life.

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Bearing all this in mind, be realistic.

Sometimes, the joy this person brings into your life is tested when you receive damning looks or hear derogatory comments in public.

Alas, the world is a cruel place and people have no shame.

Some family members and friends further complicate it when they question your motives for dating this person.

In the end though, what matters most is your happiness.

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As long as you did the work beforehand to determine compatibility, never be dissuaded by those on the outside.

You are the one living in the relationship and the only one who knows what makes you happy.

Better to live in that space than conform to the outside world and be miserable.

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