Should You Date Someone With A Missing Limb?

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Should You Date Someone With A Missing Limb?You should do what makes you comfortable and what you are open to.

Dating someone with a missing limb could be something that is taboo to you and you may not like the idea.

Perhaps you may feel like you will be judged and you don’t want to put yourself in that position. After all, relationships are hard enough as it is.

On the other hand, you may simply not be attracted to someone who has a missing limb.

This is just how you feel and you just can’t help it.

None of this makes you a bad person.

You should do what makes you comfortable and what you feel you can live with.

Some people make the mistake of choosing to date someone with a missing limb out of pity.

This is cruel and truly uncalled for.

This only leads the other person on and in essence makes them some kind of charity project.

If the roles were reversed, you wouldn’t want to be used as some kind of charity project.

You would want the person who was dating you to truly love you for you and not for pity.

This person is not your project.

They are not someone that you can use to validate to the world that you are not shallow.

If that is your intent, you should quit right now.

The best approach to take is to simply use your intuition and ask yourself if dating a person with a missing limb is truly something that you are open to.

You should also ensure that you aren’t at a point in your life right now where you feel like rebelling.

Perhaps you were recently dumped by an ex or you had a family member really upset you.

You could easily rebel against that by trying to shock the world.

You choose to date this person with a missing limb just so that you shock everyone and make them cower or regret.

Again, this is not the way to go.

You wouldn’t want this done to you.

Hence, if you currently find yourself in a position where you are wondering if you should date someone with a missing limb, try your best to envision the future.

Can you honestly see yourself with this person long-term?

Can you see yourself making future plans with them and becoming a big part of their world?

If you can’t see this, you should refrain from dating this person.

However, if this person does intrigue you and you find yourself thinking about them on a constant basis, this may be someone you should date.

Even if you may have some minor reservations about their handicap, you should realize that there are many people who may have all their limbs but are handicapped in life.

What I mean by this is that there are people who may have all their limbs but they choose to live life in a very predictable way.

They may even look at life as mundane and commonplace.

They offer no excitement or purpose.

This person without a limb may be the complete opposite of that.

Have you noticed how full of life they seem to be?

Have you noticed how animated they get whenever the both of you converse?

Have you felt their passion when they talk about what they love?

These are strong signs of a person who will bring a lot more excitement and fulfillment into your life than someone who may have all their limbs but have no zest for life.

Bearing all this in mind, you should still be realistic.

Yes, people will look at the both of you in public and make derogatory comments.

Family members and friends may even question your motive behind dating a person with a missing limb.

In the end though, if you truly believe that this is something that you are open to, don’t allow society at large to dictate your happiness.

Better to go for what you want and be happy than conform and be miserable.

Being able to live the life you truly want is one of the keys to being able to live a rich and fulfilling life that in turn compliments the kind of romantic relationships that you will have.

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