Should Guys Pay For The Meal Of A Friend With Benefits (FWB)?

Should Guys Pay For The Meal Of A Friend With Benefits (FWB)?

You should do whatever falls within the guidelines of the relationship.

When you set strict guidelines for a friends with benefits relationship that doesn’t include dates, stick with that.

A lot of people don’t set solid guidelines for their relationship, complicating said relationship.

They coast, hoping everything falls into place.

Without strict guidelines, going out on meals together throws a wrench in the relationship, risking its viability.

In going out on meals together, what exactly are you proving or hoping to gain?

Making yourself believe that going out to eat and paying for it in a friends with benefits relationship is normal and not a big deal isn’t a good move.

This is when you slip into a routine, thinking it harmless to go out for meals and pay for them.

Unfortunately, one of you gets the wrong idea.

Deciding to go out to eat and pay for these meals sends the message that there is more to this relationship than sex, which puts your relationship on a path to ruin.

Before reaching a point of no return, have a discussion with your friend about this today.

Set some concrete guidelines for the relationship.

Be specific.

Yes, that means you literally spell things out.

You tell them what you are comfortable doing and not doing in the relationship, spelling out the specific rules from activities to communication.

Your friend does the same.

A solid agreement has been set and agreed on.

Whenever there is a deviation to the guidelines, have another discussion.

Find out whether both of you want to add more to the guidelines or change something.

A decision to add something, such as meals, needs to be done with clear guidelines on who pays.

For a friends with benefits relationship to be viable and last, no one party wants to be pressured.

Going out on meals from time to time works best when you both pay for your own meals.

Be warned.

Friends with benefits relationships last longer when activities outside the bedroom are limited.

Don’t be tempted to keep adding new activities to the guidelines that you have both agreed on.

Going out on meals from time to time is one thing.

Adding more and more activities to the relationship such as going to the movies, traveling together or cooking together, complicates the relationship, putting its casual nature in jeopardy.

Once the definition of the relationship is in question, a premature end to it is imminent.

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