Is It Okay To Tell Your Boyfriend What You Want To Do On Valentine’s Day?

Is It Okay To Tell Your Boyfriend What You Want To Do On Valentine's Day?

Have a generous approach to Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day belongs to you both.

Since he is your boyfriend, think about doing something special for him too.

Split up the activities for the day.

Spend part of the day doing an activity that your boyfriend enjoys and spend the other part doing an activity that you enjoy.

Have a full day out of it, when that works with both of your schedules.

Do something that you know he loves during the day.

Then do something that you love at night.

Make it a fun-filled day where the both of you get to enjoy each other’s company.

A brand new activity he is game to do that you both have never done before spices it up.

An excursion somewhere, snorkeling, skiing, ziplining, etc.

When you tell your boyfriend what you want to do for Valentine’s day, give him multiple options so that he isn’t cornered by one choice he isn’t too game for.

Though it’s your choice for a night activity, your boyfriend has to have fun too, for the night to work, otherwise it feels forced.

Give him a number of options and work as a team to narrow it down to what works best.

Excitement is in the air.

Media has overemphasized Valentine’s day as a day for women, but it supposed to be a day for relationships.

It takes two for a relationship to work.

Don’t be so rigid with how you celebrate Valentine’s day.

A day that fulfills both you and your boyfriend is the right celebration.

Many of your girlfriends fall victim to what the media and world tells them Valentine’s day is about.

They want their flowers, chocolate, gifts, and the proverbial romantic dinner.

Too constricted and rigid.

Don’t be one of those girls.

A Valentine’s day ripe with adventure serves your relationship well.

Be different.

Use Valentine’s day as a day for activity and adventure.

A day mutually enjoyed by you and your partner.

This creates great memories and you look forward to the next with bated breath.

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