Should You Get Back To Someone That You Can’t Trust Anymore?

By getting back with this someone, what are the chances or probabilities that they betray your trust anew?

Should You Get Back To Someone That You Can't Trust Anymore?Human beings are creatures of habit.

We do what makes us comfortable and go back to it recurrently.

A person has to be intent on changing themselves and show it through their actions, before trust is earned.

Has this person shown you that they are intent on changing themselves?

What have they done to move themselves toward that achievement?

Declaring that they have changed or they are sorry isn’t good enough.

Words are just that, “words.”

A history of action is a must.

Don’t get wrapped up in wanting to trust this person too soon.

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In lieu, practice vigilance and patience with this person.

Don’t be fooled.

At first, it seems like they are working on themselves and you are impressed.

Soon, you let them back into your life prematurely, as your emotions for them are reignited.

Watch your emotions.

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Exercise discipline and give it time.

In time, as long as they are putting in the work, patterns of changed behavior are observed.

A real change isn’t just about what he is doing with you, it’s about what he is doing with others.

This is when you know they are being sincere about changing themselves entirely, versus merely doing it to get back with you and have you trust them once more.

His relationships with family members, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, etc., changes.

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You hear about the changes from them.

Receiving accounts from people you both mutually know about an improvement in his behavior and his trustworthiness is a significant indication he is genuinely working on building trust in his life.

This is when you know this person is worthy of your trust.

This is good news, but it isn’t time to get back into a romantic relationship with him quite yet.

Remember, don’t let the emotions get the best of you.

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Go slow.

There is no pressure to rekindle a romance.

Take your time in getting reacquainted with each other.

Don’t manufacture chemistry.

Now that trust has been rebuilt, thread lightly and see whether there is still romantic chemistry.

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There is no law that you must get back into a romantic relationship with them.

Give it breadth to naturally lead where it leads.

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