My Girlfriend Thinks I Am A Lazy Bum

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My Girlfriend Thinks I Am A Lazy Bum

Well, are you?

When your girlfriend thinks that you are a lazy bum and voices it repeatedly, you are.

Time for a change.

A change is needed or she won’t be your girlfriend for long.

How do you value your worth in this relationship and within yourself?

Some guys get into relationships and stop everything else.

They stop being an achiever or a driven person, as they now have the girl.

Don’t get complacent once you score the girl.

To keep that girl, you have to pull up your sleeves and work.

Stay on top of your responsibilities in life.

One of the biggest killers of relationships is the lazy bum disease.

It saps a relationship of its health and energy, similarly as a disease does to the body.

Don’t be a lazy bum.

For a moment, recall how you impressed your girlfriend when you were first courting her?

What was that like?

Do you remember the energy and spark you had?

Well, you have to reclaim that.

When a girlfriend calls you a lazy bum, take account.

She is dropping clues to how she feels at this point.

She doesn’t belabor the issue at first but rest assured that the complaints increase over time.

Eventually, she loses respect for you.

She judges you as irresponsible and selfish.

You are almost like a child that she has to keep correcting and pushing.

Once you are nothing but a child in her eyes that she has to be constantly yapping at to behave right and pick up after yourself, she has lost respect for you and you lose her love.

Do you now understand?

Her complaints sound harmless now, but keeping up with this behavior is leading to one place and one place only, a breakup.

And no, your pleas won’t convince her to take you back.

Do something constructive with your life.

Show your girlfriend that she is remains special to you by taking her out and showing her a good time regularly.

Remind her of the guy she fell for.

The charming guy who pulled his weight and was motivated in life.

This wins her respect back.

Don’t rest on your laurels and take this relationship for granted, as there is no such thing as a guaranteed relationship.

Relationships take work.

Scoring the girl doesn’t mean it’s time to put your feet up, rather, it’s time to pull up your sleeves and work harder.

Take the initiative to do tasks or chores without needing your girlfriend to tell you to do it first.

When you leave stuff lying around the house, pick them up.

Dirty dishes in the sink?

Wash them.

Hedges and grass on your lawn grow for weeks until they are unsightly?

Cut them regularly.

Playing video games or watching TV most days isn’t constructive for you as an individual nor your relationship.

When relationships with friends, family and acquaintances falter, renew them.

Many guys get into romantic relationships and ignore other relationships in their lives, weakening those relationships.

They just stay with their girlfriend and are complacent.


Your girlfriend wants you to keep maintaining and cultivating other relationships outside of the one that you have with her.

She doesn’t want to be your life, picking up after you, like your mom does.

When you want to maintain a healthy, happy relationship that lasts, stop being the lazy bum.

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