How Do I Tell This Girl That I Really Like Her?

How Do I Tell This Girl That I Really Like Her?

Tell her that you like her and want to take her out on a date.

That’s it.

Guys overcomplicate and overanalyze when it comes to this.

The reality is, there is nothing to overcomplicate or overanalyze.

Showing interest and requesting a date is what is needed.

When you are clear about your intentions, it is easier for her to give you the right response.

There are a lot of guys who mess this up, by dancing around the subject.

They hang out with her and bring their friends as cover.

They have conversations in safe topics and never go further, with no flirting.

All this does is seriously confuse or frustrate the girl.

Girls like guys who are confident.

They like guys that are not afraid to tell them how they feel about them.

This sets her own expectations in her mind.

Does she like you too?

Are you someone she sees herself dating?

Does she feel any physical and mental chemistry with you?

The girl assesses how she feels about you.

Since she knows your intentions, she has the space to figure out whether she is open to romance or prefers having you as a friend.

The dreaded friend zone.

This is where a lot of guys end up when they are not honest and upfront with their intentions.

They think that by being friends with the girl, a day comes when their relationship switches to romance.

Not true.

When you aren’t clear about your intentions with a girl, she considers you a friend.

There are times when there was early romantic interest on her part, but the ambiguity of the guy convinces her to look at him as a friend and nothing beyond that.

This is the unfortunate occurrence that takes guys from the realm of romantic possibilities with the girls they like, into the friend zone.

Unfortunately, once you are in the friend zone with a girl, it is difficult to get out.

Cast all fear and doubt from your mind right now about telling her that you like her and asking her out on a date.

Your mind is your worst enemy when it gives in to fear.

It is much worse when you play it safe and arrive where so many guys before you have landed, in the dreaded friend zone.

Tell her you like her and ask her out.

The sooner you do this the better.

Don’t be stuck overthinking this.

Be straightforward, ask her out without embellishment.

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