Why Do We Only Show Our True Emotions To The People We Love?

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Why Do We Only Show Our True Emotions To The People We Love?

We tend to show our true emotions to the people we love because we are comfortable with them.

We just are.

We know those people well and they know us.

There is a feeling of security when we show our true emotions to the people we love.

The security comes from the sense of familiarity and history.

We know that these people wouldn’t necessarily judge us like someone we don’t know would.

People fear the unknown. Someone unknown is unfamiliar.

If we were to show our true emotions to someone that we don’t know very well, the fear that we could be seen in a negative way is very poignant.

As human beings, we want to be accepted. This is something that is literally wired into our DNA.

In order for us to show our true emotions, we would be opening up a part of ourselves to someone that we are uncertain they will accept or understand.

If we want to be accepted by people in general, opening ourselves up in this way could feel very risky and unpromising.

We like to show our best selves when we are out and about or interacting with others.

We like to be part of the group.

We like it when we are acknowledged as likable and warm. Hence, our reputations are very important to us.

That reputation becomes even more meaningful to us when we are dealing with people that we do not know very well and do not love.

It is easier to risk showing your vulnerable side to people you love because you have a stronger sense of confidence.

Your confidence stems from the belief that someone you love will not see you as weak.

They will not pick on you or try to spread bad rumors about you and sully your reputation.

Someone you love is someone you trust.

It is much easier to show your true emotions to someone you trust because you know that they are more likely to be supportive than judgmental.

Also, we tend to only show our true emotions to someone we love because we sometimes want to see how far their love for us goes.

As human beings, we may know that we are loved by our loved ones but we don’t always want to take that at face value.

Quite often, we want to see that love on display.

We want to see that loved one truly show that they love us in what they do as opposed to how they inherently feel about you.

Hence, we may unconsciously or consciously show our true emotions to someone we love because we simply want visual acknowledgment of that love.

We want to know that we are loved.

Actions do speak louder than words.

We can hear our loved ones tell us that they love us all day long but in the end, sometimes, we really want to see that love in action.

This is that moment.

You get to show them your true emotions no matter how dark or negative those true emotions may be.

When you notice how much they care by how well they respond to your true emotions, you are mentally reassured that you are loved.

You will feel a sense of belonging and reinvigoration.

This is part of what makes us human.

Our vulnerabilities and the need for reassurance.

When you get that reassurance from someone you love by receiving their support, you not only feel better about the situation but you feel better about yourself.

You may even find that the problem wasn’t necessarily the true emotions that you were about to divulge.

What you may have wanted all along was simply to be acknowledged and shown that you are loved.

By being acknowledged, you would feel better about your situation with this person.

You would feel more at ease with how you go about interacting with this person because you would know where you stand with this person emotionally.

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