Why Do We Only Show Our True Emotions To The People We Love?

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Why Do We Only Show Our True Emotions To The People We Love?

We are comfortable and safe around people we love.

Showing our true emotions to people like these is our safety net, given that as human beings we are adverse to showing our true emotions to people we don’t have a significant amount of comfort with.

People we love are people who have seen us at our worst and either comforted us or aided us through it.

It’s no surprise we show our true emotions to them.

There is a feeling of security when we show our true emotions to the people we love.

The security comes from the sense of familiarity and history.

We know that these people don’t judge us like someone we don’t know does.

People fear the unknown.

Someone unknown or not as well-known to you is unfamiliar.

Showing our true emotions to someone we aren’t too familiar with, who hasn’t been through the fire with us in the past, is far too scary, making us that much more vulnerable to being judged and ostracized.

As human beings, we want to be accepted.

This is something that is literally wired into our DNA.

When we want to be accepted by people in general, opening ourselves to them is risky.

We like to show our best selves when we are out and about or with others.

Being an accepted part of a group is what most people want.

It’s an acknowledgement that we are likable and warm, as our reputations matter to us.

That reputation is more meaningful to us when we are around people that we do not know very well and do not love.

We need to look good in their eyes, without flaws.

Showing your true emotions too prematurely, wrecks your reputation with people, who in turn, spread rumors about you.

That is the last thing you want.

Sticking to showing your true emotions to people you love remains the safest bet.

Someone you love is different.

This is someone you trust.

They are likely to be supportive and not judgmental.

We show our true emotions to someone we love, as sometimes, we want to see how far their love for us goes.

As human beings, we know that we are loved by our loved ones but we don’t invariably take that at face value.

From time to time, we want to see that love on display.

We want to see that loved one show that they love us in how they support us.

We unconsciously or consciously show our true emotions to someone we love, hankering for visual acknowledgment from them of their love.

We desire reassurance that we are loved.

Actions speak louder than words.

We hear our loved ones tell us that they love us all day long but in the end, sometimes, we itch to see that love in action.

Showing our true emotions to someone we love is that moment.

We unload the floodgates of our emotions on them, both the good and the bad, to see how much they handle.

Upon accepting the good and the bad of your emotions, without judgment or ridicule, you are reassured of how much they care about you.

Within you, there is a sense of belonging and reinvigoration.

As human beings, we constantly require reassurances of someone’s love for us.

When you get that reassurance from someone you love by receiving their support, you not only feel better about the situation but you feel better about yourself.

An epiphany occurs.

It’s not that there is something significantly troubling you.

What you deeply wanted was to be acknowledged and shown that you are loved.

By being acknowledged, you feel better about the depth of your relationship with this person.

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