Is Ignoring A Female Friend That Rejected You But Still Likes You, Okay?

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Is Ignoring A Female Friend That Rejected You But Still Likes You, Okay?

You should come to terms with the kind of relationship you want to have.

Do you still want a relationship of some kind with her or not?

If all you are doing is ignoring her without any real idea of what you want, you may be wasting time.

If you still like her and feel like she likes you, the onus is on her to make a move.

You have already made a move and she rejected you.

If you think that she still likes you for whatever reason even though she initially rejected you, you should let her be the one to step up and make that next move.

In your case, you may not truly know what you want out of this.

There may be a part of you that is upset that she rejected you.

There may also be a part of you that still likes her.

Why exactly do you think she still likes you? She did reject you.

Most girls that like a guy in a romantic sense and are available, don’t reject him.

Perhaps, this is wishful thinking on your part?

Perhaps, you like her so much that you have convinced yourself that she does like you even though she rejected you.

This is all stuff that you really have to come to terms with.

She may not like you in the way that you hope she does.

Hence, you may be better off letting go of this belief and desire.

If however, you truly believe that she likes you, ignoring her now is not really the answer to your emotional state.

There is a very good chance that right now you feel sad and hurt over the rejection.

If she has continued to communicate with you after she rejected you and you have been ignoring her, you are showing signs of emotional unhappiness over the situation.

What you need to do is come to terms with your feelings.

How do you still feel about her?

Do you still care and if so, how much?

The more attention you pay her in your mind by ignoring her, the more upset you will become.

The reason for that is bound to your feelings of rejection.

You are responding to it and doing so in a way you hope will affect her.

This is really no way in going about getting what you want out of her or moving forward in your dating life.

You should decide how you truly feel about her.

Allow yourself to accept the fact that you were hurt by the rejection and was more than likely ignoring her in order to get back at her.

Now, you should ask yourself what kind of relationship you would be open to having with her going forward.

If you are sincere with yourself, you will be able to tell if she is someone that you still want in your life.

When you figure that out, take a stand.

If you still want her in your life in some capacity, you shouldn’t ignore her anymore.

You can continue building on your friendship with her and move forward in romance with other girls.

On the other hand, if you realize that you don’t want her in your life, you can still be civil to her when you are around each other and not ignore her but you will also be able to focus on other relationships that you find more promising.

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3 thoughts on “Is Ignoring A Female Friend That Rejected You But Still Likes You, Okay?”

  1. As a woman, I think it is a very bad idea to ignore her.

    She can always change her mind but if you act like a jerk she’ll think “I made the right decision.”

    I was friends with a guy who was friends with another girl whom he had romantic feelings for. She said she only wanted to be friends. He was a very nice guy and decided that he wanted to remain friends with her. Two years later they started dating. They have been married for 20 years now.

  2. Hi Ashley,

    What a story.

    Yes, there are definitely cases like this.

    Sometimes it just boils down to timing.

    She was probably not ready for a guy like him at the time she told him that she just wanted to be friends.

    However, after two years, she may have changed or grown as a person and realized that he was actually the right kind of guy for her.

  3. I also decided to remain friends with a girl that rejected me as I did like her alot. I told her just don’t mention about any guys you are dating to me, as I am not ready. The next day she begin talking about some guy and if he will marry her in the future. I remindered her to not talk about other guys. And the next day she did the same again. I immediately block her and walked away. I text her I could not do this anymore as it was too painful. She begged me to remain as friends and continued to harrass me. I just cut all contact with her after that. 2 weeks later she continued to harrass me again to be friends.

    Sometimes it’s better to just cut it off.

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