Is It Possible To Be Legitimately In Love In High School?

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Is It Possible To Be Legitimately In Love In High School?Being legitimately in love in high school is most definitely a possibility.

However, kids in high school are still developing both mentally and physically. This phase takes some time before maturation.

Until most young adults are about 25 years old, they primarily think with their amygdalas.

The amygdala is a part of the brain that uses a lot of instinctual reaction as opposed to rational thought.

A young adult doesn’t start thinking primarily with their prefrontal cortex until they are in their mid twenties and above.

The prefrontal cortex is what adults use to rationalize and reason.

This is why oftentimes teens are seen as irresponsible and carefree.

This is because their brains are not fully developed yet and hence certain acts they do may defy reason.

However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot legitimately fall in love.

All of our brains no matter how young or old emit the chemical dopamine when we fall in love.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that makes us feel euphoria and ecstasy.

It passes pleasure information from one neuron to the next in our bodies.

Hence, the sense of pleasure we can feel from it sometimes can be so overwhelming to the point of addiction.

This is why oftentimes when people are in love, they may be so consumed by that passion that they don’t always act responsibly.

You have probably known someone in your life who seemed to be willing to do anything for their partner even when it seemed ridiculous.

This may be a person that you have known your whole life to be sensible and diligent.

Yet, here they are, almost acting a fool because they are so in love with someone.

These same feelings overwhelm adults who are in love as much as they do teens because in the end, the same chemicals that trigger love work in both adults and teens.

The only real difference between a teen being legitimately in love and an adult is that they may not be able to look into problems that arise in the relationship with a rational eye.

In other words, teens are the most likely to break up because they are not able to reason through disagreements.

Since they are still primarily using the amygdala of their brains, it is harder for them to figure out how to resolve issues.

They are more reactionary as opposed to rational.

Hence, it can be difficult to get passed that initial stage of euphoria and allow themselves to handle problems indiscriminately.

This is where teens in love go wrong and their level of maturity hurts them.

Their relationships would last a lot longer if they used more thought and due process in the way they went about their love relationships.

Hence, being legitimately in love is not the problem.

This is totally real and does happen.

Again, grown adults or teens all fall in love with the same part of their brains.

However, the problem is that teens in high school are still not able to reason wisely through problems.

As a result, many love relationships that could have withstood the test of time don’t last.

Though the love may seem strong in the moment, it may be difficult for teens to completely process what they are feeling in a way that allows them to truly embrace those emotions.

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