Can’t Trust My Long Distance Boyfriend That I Am About To Move In With. Should I Walk Away?

Moving in with your long distance boyfriend is a big step that is life-changing, and mustn’t be taken lightly.

Can't Trust My Long Distance Boyfriend That I Am About To Move In With. Should I Walk Away?This is challenging enough, let alone having an inability to trust your long distance boyfriend.

Why do you have these feelings of distrust for your long distance boyfriend?

Was there something that was done or said that led to these feelings?

In that case, why are you considering moving in with him?

The basis of any successful relationship requires trust.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that everything works itself out as long as they love each other.

This isn’t true.

Love takes you only so far.

The internal dynamics of the relationship is what makes it last.

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Don’t ignore your feelings about your long distance boyfriend.

These reservations don’t magically go away by moving in and acting like everything is going to be alright now.

Express your concerns to your long distance boyfriend.

Avoid moving in with your long distance boyfriend until your concerns are addressed and resolved.

A boyfriend who genuinely cares about you takes what you say into account and does his best to resolve your concerns.

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Don’t be too quick to move in based on your long distance boyfriend’s immediate efforts.

A boyfriend who cares withstands the test of time with his efforts.

A boyfriend who doesn’t, acts like he cares by doing what he thinks you want him to do, but soon after you fall for it and move in, he goes back to how he was.

This means you need to be patient.

Your long distance boyfriend has to demonstrate through his actions over a sustained period of time that he is serious about working through this.

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Then and only then do you know whether it is worth it to move in with him or walk away.

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