Can’t Trust My Long Distance Boyfriend That I Am About To Move In With. Should I Walk Away?

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Can't Trust My Long Distance Boyfriend That I Am About To Move In With. Should I Walk Away?Moving in with your long distance boyfriend is a big step and a big decision. However, your inability to trust this long distance boyfriend is a problem.

Why do you have these feelings of distrust for your long distance boyfriend? Was there something that was done or said that led to these feelings?

If that is the case, why are you even considering moving in with him?

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The basis of any successful relationship requires trust. Trust is absolutely crucial. Some people make the mistake of thinking that everything will just work itself out as long as they love each other.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Love can only take you so far. The internal dynamics of the relationship is what makes it last.

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If you are having these types of feelings about your long distance boyfriend, you should talk to him about them. You also shouldn’t simply take what he has to say.

You have to be able to evaluate the situation and give it time.

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Yes, give it time. Moving in with your long distance boyfriend at this time would be a bad move. If you were to do so, you would be in constant odds with him. You would watch his every move and question why he did certain things.

A completely innocuous event could lead to suspicion which would only strain the relationship even further given the fact that the both of you would be living together.

Hence, give this some time. Think about where you really want to go in a relationship and what you are looking for. Do you want a sense of security and safety?

Do you want to feel invigorated everyday that you are in this relationship as opposed to being in constant worry?

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A healthy mind is so important in keeping a relationship going.

When you talk to your long distance boyfriend about your trust concerns, you should do so with a clear and targeted approach. You shouldn’t be argumentative per se or try to make him feel like he is the bad guy.

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You should simply let him know that moving in with him is a big move and at this time you would rather wait to see if trust can develop in the relationship.

Let him know how important trust is to you and is in any relationship.

At this point, you should work on building that sense of security with him by allowing yourself to share more with him.

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Also allow him to share more with you. Try not to get carried away with emotion by constantly professing your frustration. Instead, allow the relationship to bud in whatever direction it’s going to go.

Let it move in that direction naturally.

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As time goes on, you will know if you are feeling a stronger sense of trust to your long distance boyfriend and at that point, you can decide if you want to move in with him or not.

To be in a position where you can decide if you want to move in with him or not shows that you have reached a strong enough point in your interaction that you can address it.

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