Thoughts On Long Distance Relationships

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Thoughts On Long Distance Relationships

Your thoughts on long distance relationships should always be grounded in reality.

So many people have problems when they don’t do this.

They allow themselves to become so romanticized to the notion of finding someone they love long distance that they blind themselves to the repercussions.

If you are considering entering a long distance relationship, think long and hard.

A long distance relationship can be very difficult to sustain.

It can get very stressful as well.

Everything may seem rosy at first.

You have found someone you love and the both of you talk for hours on end.

You simply can’t get them out of your head from day to day.

They make you feel so good and you just can’t wait to talk to them again by phone or on Skype.

Initially, people are blinded by love. We are blinded by what is in front of us.

We get so entranced in the feelings of the moment that we refuse to see the truth.

This feeling will only last so long before the effects of physical separation begins to take its toll.

You will notice as time goes by that you are missing your long distance partner more and more.

You will wish they were there on special occasions like anniversaries or holidays.

You will wish they were there to comfort you after you had a bad day at work.

You will wish they were there to hold you when you feel lonely.

But they aren’t.

They simply aren’t there physically.

So you pick up that phone and try to call them and they don’t answer.

Maybe they are in a different time zone than you or are preoccupied.

You listen to that dial tone ring and ring without any answer and you reluctantly hang up, your heart sinking with it.

This situation will repeat itself over and over and over again as long as you remain in the long distance relationship.

If neither one of you is willing to move and physically be where the other is, being in a long distance relationship for a sustained period of time can be a death nail to your love life.

Do reconsider being in a long distance relationship.

If you reconsider and still choose to get involved in one, be sure that you are aware of the possible drawbacks.

This way, you go in with your eyes open.

The more aware you are of the challenges a long distance relationship can present, the better equipped you will be to do what you can to make it work.

Long distance relationships are not always a failure.

Indeed, there are some successful long-term relationships that have come from long distance relationships.

However, those successful relationships happened because the people involved typically knew what they were getting into beforehand and did everything in their power to keep their relationship as earnest and fresh as possible.

You will have to have that same kind of attitude in order to have a chance at a successful long distance relationship.

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