If A Random Girl Asks You On A Date, Should You Say Yes?

If A Random Girl Asks You On A Date, Should You Say Yes?

A random girl asks you on a date and you find her intriguing, say yes.

Understand that this is a date and nothing more.

Getting so carried away in the idea that a random girl asked you out on a date is reading too much into this.

There is nothing wrong or strange about a random girl asking you out on a date.

This is your first from a random girl, accept it.

Where guys go wrong is when they think that somehow this was all wrong.

Why would some random girl ask them out on a date?

Isn’t it supposed to be the guy doing that?

Is something wrong with this random girl that she felt the need to do a guy’s job of asking out?

Is she desperate?

So many questions enter your mind at a rapid pace.

Don’t get carried away by thinking too much, it is just a date.

She didn’t ask you to be the father of her babies.

A reluctance to handle the fact that a random girl asked you out should make you question your level of confidence.

Yes, your level of confidence.

How comfortable do you feel with yourself?

Are you sure of you and what you are about?

Do you take pride in being you from day to day?

Taking pride in you means you know your value, and why wouldn’t a random girl see that quality in you and be drawn to it?

Finding it odd that this random girl asked you out means you are misunderstanding how attraction works.

Many girls find guys attractive.

Though they don’t always act on it, they still feel it.

Those who are brave enough to act on it should be commended, not looked at as strange or desperate.

In truly valuing yourself, you understand why she made this move and you accept it.

Remember that by asking you out, she is actually putting herself at risk of being rejected.

Girls are often worried about getting rejected upon making the first move.

Taking this risk shows that she holds you in high regard and felt that it was worth it.

She tried convincing herself not to but ended up asking you out anyway because she just didn’t want the opportunity to pass her by.

This is where you reward her courage and accept her offer, as long as the interest is mutual.


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