I Don’t Know How To Comfort My Boyfriend

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I Don't Know How To Comfort My Boyfriend

If you don’t know how to comfort your boyfriend, you should first consider your boyfriend’s temperament.

You may have a boyfriend that has a problem with depression or may lack self-esteem.

This may be his day to day experience.

It’s important to really consider this no matter how unpleasant it is to do so.

It can be a very dangerous trap to continuously try comforting your boyfriend when the problem may actually go a lot deeper than what you think.

It may have nothing to do with you.

Your boyfriend may simply have emotional issues that have plagued him for years.

He may have had these issues before he ever met you.

The point here is that you should first and foremost analyze the type of temperament you are dealing with.

For example, does he also act this way around his family and friends?

Does he have a habit of being relatively antisocial at times?

If you’ve noticed that he tends to be unhappy not only around you but also around others, he may truly have deep-rooted emotional issues that have nothing to do with you.

Even if you believe that the reason why he gets unhappy is because you two argue from time to time, that may not be the case at all.

That may simply be what’s on the surface.

The underlying problem may go far deeper than any arguments you have both had.

Hence, it is really important that you dig deeper than what may or may not seem to be the problem at face value.

If you determine that he does act this way with others as well and not just you, you should then ask yourself how far you are willing to go in order to change this.

Again, you should understand that if this is a deep-rooted problem that lies within him, there may be absolutely nothing you can do.

This is important to note.

If you still want to go along and try anyway, try getting him to do things with you that you know he would love.

You can start by something he is familiar with or something new.

Either way, just try to keep getting him into situations that can raise his spirits.

The more proactive you are in getting him involved in these types of activities, the more likely you increase his sense of happiness.

Due to this, he may have less moments of unhappiness.

Also, when those moments do come, you can comfort him by repeating the process and getting him to do a new activity with you that he may love.

Be diligent in your actions.

It’s important that you understand that comforting your boyfriend is a process.

It may be tempting to become impatient with it all because you just feel like you are doing everything possible to make him feel at ease.

However, he will come to comfort at a time that works best for him.

As long as you keep up the effort on your part and try not to show him any signs that you are being impatient, he should eventually come around.

Your relationship with him will be stronger for it as well.

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