I Am Not Attracted To Him And It Makes Me Feel Like A Horrible Person

When you aren’t attracted to him, or whoever, the last thing you are is a horrible person.

I Am Not Attracted To Him And It Makes Me Feel Like A Horrible PersonSometimes, we human beings are too sentimental for our own good, making us believe that we owe someone our favor.

This is very misguided and puts you on the wrong path.

A path that is confusing.

It certainly isn’t how you should go about entering your relationships.

Understand that you have to be okay with wanting to make yourself happy.

You have to be okay with the fact that you are someone who matters.

Without your own happiness, how would you give the best of you to a lover, a friend, your family or society?

Your happiness matters and there is nothing wrong with wanting that in your life.

Where you go wrong is when you believe that by not being attracted to him, you are being horrible or cruel.

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You aren’t attracted to everyone.

That is quite impossible.

There are always going to be people that you don’t find attractive and there is nothing wrong with that.

None of this makes you a horrible person.

A world where everyone is attracted to everyone hinders positive relationships.

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The fact that we are picky as a species is what inspires us to better ourselves.

A world where all we had to do was just be and everyone remains attracted to us leads to a massive reduction of effort to better ourselves or value our relationships.

It is natural to be picky and it is a very good thing in this world.

You have to understand that you do not owe him anything.

Pretending that you are attracted to him, only leads him on and make things worse.

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You have got to value the fact that you know what you are attracted to and want to wait for that to come along.

What matters is how you feel inside.

Making this guy who you aren’t attracted to feel good just so that you don’t feel bad makes you feel worse.

At some point in time, you realize just how long you have been leading him on and feel trapped.

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