You Used To Always Stress About Guys But Now You’re In Love

Always stressing about guys until now, having fallen in love, feels like a lot of stress has been lifted off your shoulders, but your emotions need to be kept in check.

You Used To Always Stress About Guys But Now You're In LoveThose who stress about guys are the ones who fall prey to guys who know how to sweet talk.

There are guys who are really good at this.

In believing that all that stress has been worth it, you are blinded to your susceptibility.

Stressing about guys in the past isn’t something that happens for facetious reasons, there is an underlying concern.

You weren’t meeting guys you liked, constantly falling for the guys who didn’t like you back in return.

A healthy dose of self-esteem was lacking.

Whatever the reason for the stress that guys caused you in the past, understand that it has put you on a course of vulnerability.

You have fallen in love with that one guy that has finally given you the attention you have so badly wanted from guys in the past.

He is cute and says the right things.

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You aren’t seeing all there is to see.

As people, we ignore unpleasant signs when we don’t want those signs to ruin the romance we crave.

Is this guy truly perfect?

Have you observed how he acts around his friends or strangers?

Is he kind and generous?

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Does he have real conversations with you or are all of your conversations relatively unsubstantial?

It’s not that he doesn’t have the same feelings for you.

There is a chance he is in love with you too.

But when you get so overwhelmed by the feeling that you have finally met that guy, you forget to look at his entire personality.

Tread with caution and keep your feelings from getting the best of you.

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Getting caught up in where you think things are headed with this guy is captivating, encouraging you to envision a future of bliss.

Come back to reality.

Even though you are no longer stressing about guys, remember that there was a reason why you were stressing about guys in the first place.

A deficiency or insecurity within you doesn’t vanish in the presence of newfound love for a guy, and prioritizing overcoming them is paramount.

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