How Do Guys Feel When A Girl Has Been Disloyal To Them?

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How Do Guys Feel When A Girl Has Been Disloyal To Them?

When a girl has been disloyal to a guy, his level of feeling depends on his level of interest in the girl.

If he is a guy that truly likes this girl and may even love her, he will feel pain and hurt from the experience.

There will be a part of him that will question his value or his worth.

He may question that value both within the context of the relationship that he has with the girl and also with how he feels about himself.

In other words, it could cause a very strong blow to his sense of self-esteem.

He may ask himself if he isn’t worth it.

Did she do this to him because he is less of a man?

Did she do this to him because he was simply not good enough for her?

Is he just a boring wreck of a person?

Again, so many questions.

A part of him will feel this kind of emotional pain and another part may also feel anger.

The anger may not necessarily be towards the girl that was disloyal to him.

It may be directed to others in general.

An anger towards others that may have those perfect relationships and have never had to deal with disloyalty from a partner.

These people with their perfect relationships wouldn’t be able to relate.

He may start being angry at the fact that he couldn’t be one of the couples who had that kind of relationship.

He doesn’t want to be just another statistic.

He doesn’t want to be that old boyfriend whose girlfriend cheated on him and be the laughing stock of friends and strangers.

He wouldn’t like that.

To reiterate, if he doesn’t have much love or passion for her, he may not care about the disloyalty.

The truth is, he may have been disloyal to her behind her back as well.

However, if he does care, he may go through the emotions aforementioned and have a really hard time getting over it.

It may take him a while to get over if he doesn’t deal with his emotions as quickly and often as he can.

There are a number of guys who can process this kind of information slowly.

They are initially upset by it but they don’t really allow themselves to understand it and deal with it.

So, he may try to distract himself with getting involved in different activities or starting a project of some sort just so that he can get his mind away from it.

However, eventually, even these guys have to face their emotions about the situation.

You should let him come to terms with this on his own without constantly trying to plead your case.

This is the quickest way to get a resolution to this situation and even possibly save your relationship.

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