Do I Have The Right To Be Mad About My Boyfriend Showing Up Late?

A right to be mad at a boyfriend showing up late is certainly reasonable, but don’t dwell on the emotion.

Do I Have The Right To Be Mad About My Boyfriend Showing Up Late?A lot of couples let disagreements between them fester for too long.

Instead of resolving an issue quickly, they stay mad and the problem gets worse.

Don’t focus on whether you have a right to be mad or not, but on how to make things better.

A boyfriend who has a habit of showing up late is a quintessential example of a partner who needs to be enlightened with an open, forthright conversation.

Don’t just keep reacting.

Only reacting doesn’t solve the problem.

Address the problem through conversation and be forthright, tasking yourself with focusing on the solution and not your reaction to it.

Not sitting him down and having a real conversation with him that addresses this issue, promotes the idea its okay, permitting him to do it again.

All this causes is more friction in your relationship.

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A lack of experience in having real conversations with him that address relationship issues, isn’t a good enough reason to avoid having said conversations.

Open communication is what makes a relationship successful, healthy and long-lasting.

Your goal is to have your relationship grow and blossom, while creating an atmosphere of open communication.

Encourage your boyfriend to express himself in the relationship.

Do the same.

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This is what takes your relationship to the next level.

You have the right to be mad initially, but don’t lose sight of the goal by staying mad.

Focus on how to make things better.

Open a level of communication that helps your relationship grow, getting the both of you to gain a better understanding of each other.

The idea is that you don’t want to keep finding yourself in this position in the future.

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Address the problem.

Stop reacting to it.

Be proactive.

The better the communication in the relationship, the easier it is for the both of you to learn about what makes the other upset.

Your boyfriend is used to being late to meetings because that is what he does with other people in his life.

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He is like this with his friends, colleagues and family.

A habit of lateness doesn’t give him license to keep doing it to everyone.

That’s why this issue warrants immediate attention before it builds up to something worse.

By staying silent about it, he only keeps doing it.

Have a talk, be civil but firm, and there are greater odds that he makes an effort to avoid being late in the future.

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It takes some time to get there.

Be patient.

Always acknowledge him when he does show up punctually.

This encourages him to keep doing it.

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