Is It Okay To Ask A Girl You Know Well To Hang Out Over Facebook?

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Is It Okay To Ask A Girl You Know Well To Hang Out Over Facebook?

It is okay to ask a girl you know well to hang out over Facebook if you are simply trying to be her platonic friend.

Again, it is really important that you are certain of the kind of relationship you are seeking from this girl.

If there are no romantic connotations, asking her to hang out over Facebook is fine.

However, if there is romantic interest, you should ask her out face to face.

A face to face exchange is a lot more effective than doing so online.

When it comes to girls and how they look at their relationship with guys, they place them in categories.

They place some in the “friend” category, others in the “love” category and others in the “waiting on the wings” category.

In other words, if your interest is in the “love” category, you should be very astute about that and make your moves deliberately.

Your moves need to be deliberate because a girl will place you in a category relatively quickly if you do not make your intentions known.

If you haven’t shown any romantic interest, she will instantly put you in the “friend” category.

Once you get into that category, it can be very hard to get out.

Once a girl starts seeing you in a certain way, breaking out of that mold of thinking can be very difficult for her.

This is why it is so important to make your intentions clear as soon as possible.

If you like her romantically but only have the courage to ask her to hang out on Facebook, she is going to put you in the “friend” category.

No matter how well you both enjoy each other’s time after this, you may never be able to break out of the friend zone because her mindset is that of the platonic.

Hence, you need to make a real move for her if you like her romantically.

Ask her out in no uncertain terms face to face.

Be real and sure about your intentions so that she knows where you are coming from.

If she likes you, she will put you in the “love” category and go out with you.

If she is intrigued but not quite sure, she may put you in the “waiting on the wings” category.

Either way, she would have made a decision on you and that’s what you should want.

This way you know.

It is best to know where you stand than to be constantly wondering.

By constantly wondering, you may never take decisive action.

Lots of guys regret spending so much time in the wondering frame of mind.

Oftentimes, by the time they have summoned up the courage to ask the girl out, some other guy has and it is too late.

This isn’t where you want to be.

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