Why Do Girls Expect Guys To Like Them How They Are When They Keep Wearing Makeup?

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Why Do Girls Expect Guys To Like Them How They Are When They Keep Wearing Makeup?

Girls expect guys to like them how they are because it makes them feel that the guy is being sincere about his feelings.

Makeup is worn by girls mostly because they want to look and more importantly “feel” good.

It is a useful accessory that enhances.

It is not intended to give a false impression but to simply elevate her sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Some guys do have the frame of mind that makeup somehow presents a girl in a false sense.

They believe that makeup is simply a tool that is used to cheat and present an image that simply isn’t her.

This belief can indeed affect their perception of what kind of character they are dealing with.

Indeed, there may be some girls that take their love of makeup too far.

Wearing it at all times no matter what and even to bed is a bit much.

However, the majority of girls simply wear makeup so that they can look and feel better about themselves.

How do people act when they feel good about how they look and feel better about themselves?

They have a prep in their step, they can be gregarious and inviting.

You would want a girl with qualities that make you want to step up to her and get to know.

This gives you even more motivation to want to get to know her as a person.

You wouldn’t be attracted to a girl who seemed grouchy all the time would you?

Sure, makeup should never be used to cover up a lack of personality and confidence.

However, what you will find is that, many girls who do wear makeup are also quite confident in themselves and sure of who they are.

They are not presenting a fake facade.

They are shining a light on their best features and trying to say that they are perfectly at ease with themselves.

Girls who lack personality or confidence would rarely want to draw attention to themselves.

These are the girls who may be least likely to wear makeup.

They become so self-conscious about their lacking that the last thing they want is to put on anything that would draw attention to them.

Hence, the next time you wonder why a girl would wear makeup if they want a guy to like them as they are, think again.

For her, being true and real to who she is may be very relevant when it comes to her approach in dating or relationships.

It may really be important to her that you get to see her in her natural state so that she can gauge just how it affects you.

If it affects you negatively, she may take that as a sign that you may be more about the facetious than the real.

If it affects you positively, she may take that as a sign that you an authentic, non-judgmental person.

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