Should You Date Someone Even If You Don’t Feel That Way About Them?

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Should You Date Someone Even If You Don't Feel That Way About Them?

To date someone you don’t feel the same way about is deceitful and you both end up losing.

Basically, you lead that person on, believing that in time, things change.

At some point, you hope to feel attraction for that person and that the chemistry ensues.

This is rarely the case.

Wanting to give this person a chance, prompted by how kind they are, it is still a bad idea to go out on a date with them.

They are of a different frame of mind than you are.

They are intent on romance, while you are a gambler, hoping that you feel what they feel at some point.

There is no guarantee that you reach a moment where you are attracted to this person.

You are better off buildinging a friendship with them and hanging out as friends.

As time goes on, you know whether your feelings for them have changed or not.

Ask yourself why you should date this person?

Reversing circumstances, imagine you as the one who was hoping to date a guy that knew he didn’t feel the same about you?

Does this sound promising?

Is a date under those circumstances ideal?

The truth is, with roles reversed, you don’t want to be the guinea pig.

Why waste both your time and his when the interest isn’t there?

Your time is better spent going out on a date with someone you genuinely have feelings for or an interest in.

Subterfuge is reckless and a time waster.

You are doing both yourself and this other person a favor when you choose the noble path.

Even though bringing yourself to say no is too much for you and you worry about hurting them, there is a lot more damage done in being deceitful.

It is much better for this person to get a fair rejection from you from the outset than to be misled into believing there is hope.

No need to waste each other’s time and be the villain.

Knowing this is something that you don’t want to be at the receiving end of, don’t be a hypocrite.

Better to extricate yourself from this with a clean slate by informing them that you aren’t interested, so that you move on to someone that you are authentically interested in with a clear conscience.

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