Should You Date Someone Even If You Don’t Feel That Way About Them?

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Should You Date Someone Even If You Don't Feel That Way About Them?

You shouldn’t date someone when you don’t feel that way about them.

It is deceit and you both end up losing.

You will essentially lead that person on and you may really feel bad for doing that.

You may believe that in time, things will change.

You may believe that in time, you will feel attraction for that person and that the chemistry will ensue.

This is rarely the case.

If you feel like you want to give this person a chance simply because they are so kind, it is still a bad idea to go out on a date with them.

They are of a different frame of mind than you are.

They are thinking romantically.

You are thinking, nothing.

There is no guarantee that you will become attracted to this person.

You would be better off building a friendship with this person and hang out as friends.

As time goes on, you will be able to tell whether your feelings for them have changed or not.

Ask yourself why you feel you should date this person and be honest with yourself?

If the circumstances were reversed and you were the one who was hoping to date a guy that knew he didn’t feel the same way about you, how would you feel?

Do you honestly think that you would have a chance?

Would you even want to go on a date under those circumstances?

The truth is, you probably wouldn’t.

Why should you waste both your time and his if the interest isn’t there?

Your time would be better spent going out on a date with someone you actually have feelings for.

That would be something that allows you to avoid all the subterfuge.

You would be doing both yourself and this other person a favor.

Perhaps, you simply cannot bring yourself to say no because you think that you would hurt this person.

It is much better for this person to get an honest rejection from you than to feel like they have a chance and have hope, only to find out that there was no hope to begin with.

That would have been a time-waster.

This would also make you out to be the bad person.

If this is something that you wouldn’t like someone that you like to do to you, you shouldn’t do it to this person either.

It’s best to get out of this with a clean slate by letting them know that you aren’t interested so that you can move on to someone that you are actually interested in with a clear conscience.

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