Is He Just Being Polite But Not Interested In Maybe Being Friends?

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Is He Just Being Polite But Not Interested In Maybe Being Friends?

He is just being polite and is not interested in you romantically if he rarely tries to engage in one on one conversation with you or do much to further a conversation.

Would he be interested in maybe being friends?

That is possible.

However, you have to figure out the cost and benefit analysis for you if this were to be the case.

As in, would this truly be worth your time?

The fact is that you do like this guy.

You are interested in him romantically and you want him to be more than just a friend.

If all he was to become to you is a friend, would you truly be satisfied with that?

It is very unlikely that you would.

You would watch him talking to other girls and become very envious of them.

It wouldn’t be a good place to be for you.

It would be tough to handle.

You should try to start having conversations with him about topics that he is interested in.

Whatever you learn from him, go off on your own and gain more knowledge about that topic.

That way, the next time you two converse, you will be full of new information about that topic.

If he notices that you know more about a particular topic that he loves than other girls, he may start paying you more attention.

This is where you separate yourself from the rest and possibly put yourself on the path that goes beyond friends.

If he tells you about his love for a particular kind of video game, learn more about it.

Take an interest in it.

Even start playing it on your own to improve your skills so that you have something to relate to him with.

You could even ask him about what he does to get passed Level 4.

This is where you really start sparking his interest.

It’s about building a sense of comfort and intrigue.

People naturally gravitate towards others that they feel a sense of similitude with.

This is your opportunity to not just be the girl that nods her head and smiles but to begin relating.

This is what makes you interesting to him and sets you above the rest.

This is where you can get him to go beyond friends and become possibly more.

Which is why you should always try to find common ground with the other person.

You should also maintain an open and receptive body language so that he gets the sense that not only are you really relaxed around him, but you seem to be open to wherever this interaction is going to lead.

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